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Slots Available

Im looking for artist with great talent. zif,you would like to be in one of my up and coming events. Contact me at (330)209-8703 for more info. Bands,singrers,groups.etc. Holla at cha boy Be Easy

Be Easy BirthDay Banger

I still have slots available for this show. Its March 22nd & you can check the event out its posted. Contact me at (330)209-8703 if you want more info

Who wants a slot

March 22nd SCB BOY ENT PRESENTS Be Easy's Birthday Banger. It will be in Kent Ohio,as you can see on shows i have coming up. If,you are interested or need more info you can contact me (330)209-8703

The Outcome

Don't forget Ventin 2 has dropped.Still have the 1st ventin available as well that's $5 too. Wicked Wayz album is $10. I'm am taking a break on shows for the month of Feb.I'll crank back up in March and go hard from then on. Thank you to all my fans and suporterd with much more blessgings ahead. #StrongHearted&Focused

Ventin 2

It's gettin uploaded now enjoy Ventin 2

Be Easy

Two more days & it gonna be one great event. This Sun.Jan.27th door's open at 8pm. The show starts at 8:30pm This is a Stop The Violence Show & Charity event! Half of the proceeds will be donated to The Women's Battered Shelter. Come on out enjoy a great show see some of ohio's good talent rippin the mic up. "


Ventin will be released in a few days. Who ready for its a banger believe dat

Be Easy

Yo,it seem like every better move you make there steps that people try and knock you down. Keep Up avoid as much distraction as possible. Ventin 2 dropping in a few weeks be sure to cop dat

Be Easy

Hey,whats good out dere in the world today? Shit,wonderful day in the 330 today. it feels like a nice spring day! Yo,forreal dat dude T.I. is the truth that new album is making niggaz play catch up in my eye's. I ain't heard a album like dat in the industry in awhile. Lead by example not by default.. #SCB Boy Ent.

Ventin 2

Y'all see the title the mixtape is done getting recorded. Mix down is in the process. Hope,y'all ready because it goes in.