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Be Easy

Y'all be sure to check out my newest video Crunch Time Remix 330 is active and I'm out here click on this link as well to check out the video lets get it

Be Easy

Be sure to go to YouTube/BeEasy746 & check out new sneak peeks of my show GrindTime Episodes the show airs July 7th at 8pm


To all ARTIST rap,hip hop,pop,r&b,country,soft rock,rock,etc. I will be hosting this show call GrindTime Episodes during the commercial breaks I will be playing all UNSIGNED ARTIST. video it's free exposure there her will be four breaks doing the showw and I will b showing a different video of a different artist FREE PROMOTION let people see what's goin on in the world contact (330)209-8703 for more info on the show

Birthday Showcase

I have three slots available for March 22nd at the Outpost. Contact (330)209-8703 for more info

Good Day To All

What's happen everybody ? Have a uplifting day just because you breathing. Don't envy because it's just lack of motivation on your behalf your not looking forward. #BeEasy

Be Easy

Hey,Be Easy i's Crunch Time! Be sure to make appearance at my Birthday Banger March 22 wit some Hot music & a hot Dj keeping the party turnt up at the sametime. tickets will be on sale this week until the day of, #SCB BOY ENT

Be Easy

I have two slots left for the March 22nd show. If,anyone is interested contact (330)209-8703. Good Amen to all as well #GrindTime

Speaking Freely

I work hard,but know i can work even harder.So,im a crack it up it better because i got the Desiel fuel to keep the truck pushin'. I'll never give up because it's not in my vocabulary. Plus,loosing is never a option when i control my own destiny & "Focus Is Da Key"


March 9th i'll be in New York auditioning for the Apollo. Also,still loking for artist to perform in show case March 22nd. Contact me (330)209-8703

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone is enjoying there day reguardless if it's solo or with the one you love. "Have A Blessed Day" #SCB BOY ENT.