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Be Easy

What,s happen in the world today? Holla at cha boy. I wanna thank all that has become a fan in these last 18 months. I have more great music ahead & I will be Dropping a book Later on this year called Da' Notary. Full Bio about cha boy Be Easy. Y'all can find me on Facebook/Donta Be Easy Streeter. Follow me on Twitter@DontaScbboy i'll follow ya back. Also,don't forget I 'll be hosting a Stop the Violence event Jan.27th. Hope to see all there. It will be a great Charity Event

Ron Ponder Show

Tune into WHBC 1480 am or what ever station if you get The Ron Ponder Show. I'll be live on the air at 10:45

New Year's Motivation

Stay focused,strive harder,leave the nonsense behind & if it doesn't equal progression it isn't worth it. "KeepUp"

Be Easy

Push for a goal that means something. instead of striving for nothing! (KeepUp)

Speaking Freely

If,people wonder why i say i sound like T.I.,Jeezy,etc.It means i think those our some of the real artist and their are many more. So, i put mysellf in ther category because im real and i have no time to fake. My music is me i tell stories relate to other's life's through my music because thhey feel my pain. (Just,food for thought)

Whats Crackin'

Jan.26th Stop The Violence Show Case at The Caliber Bar & Grill. I still have slots available. (330)209-8703 if you need more info. Don't forget share my music tell ya friends about it. Also, whats some new ht albums dat dropped dis year dats fire and real music

Focus Is A Must

Listen,i'm tighten it up in 2013. My strive will be even harder. Waiting on a gift or if you are not trying to go get it. I focus hard on goals and door openers for my kids. That alone will always have fire in my engine. (KeepUp)

Scb Boy

I hope everyone has had a nice Christmas!!! Still looking forward artist of all talent. Who,would love to participate in the event im having Jan.26th. Contact number for info (330)209-8703 if you are interested. Keep moving forward prgress is a must.

Speakin Freely

Yo,i was listen to T.I. album & he went in & set da tempo for things to come. He took it back to what hip hop use to be. You can let dat bitch rock all the way through. Ain't to many Cds out there that artist put out you can do that to "Flat Out" My man is dope people better realize he Grindin' Period!!

Stop The Violence!!!

Jan.26th at the Caliber Bar & Grill i am putting together a show case. Half of the proceeds will be donated. I am looking for acts who would like to come & put on a show for the people and support a good cause. Please contact me at (330) 209-8703 for more info.