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The songs

Some of these songs were under under my hat before I met Rick in 1990. Others were under Rick's hat, even demoed on his Tascam 4 track. They were mediocre at best. But, the ideas and the hooks were golden - just nothing to back them up. An example was one night after a practice we went tossing about ideas for a name for the band. "The Convertibles" was one of the ideas. Rick said, "We can sing songs like "Let's Get and Drunk and Drive." So, I wrote the song on the way back home to Clearwater Beach. So, I asked him to play me his ideas and he gave me a listen. "Try a Little Lovin," "Walkin' the Dog," were his. I rewrote those and and others where I was stuck, like "Worst Mistake," "Power Over Me," were songs he added great lines to. The title "Power Over Me" was one of the places I was stuck. He came up with "you turn on your power over me." © 1990, 1994, 2007 Centlivre-Mastry