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Spring update

Damn have we been busy. Sorry for the lack of updates, but been working too hard to stop to type this. If you haven't heard, we are releasing a new EP on the HUGE SHOW at the Jew Ma's Backstage on Cinco de Mayo. You don't wanna miss this show...it's gonna be E-P-I-C! We've got drums tracked, the rest to follow shortly. Plus we're working on a split with our friends from The Pestilence Choir right now, and hopefully more to come later this year. Also, we've got a few different shows we're working on, and we'll update our Facebook/Reverbnation page when they're confirmed. Oh...and last but not least, we're working on new tunes. Big things are happening this summer...big things. Hit us up on Twitter @invaluablevb or on Facebook if you need any more info...we're always down to chat.


So, since we've been back from the tour, we haven't been playing a lot, but we've been busy. We're writing some new jams, and a new recording project is in the works. We're also setting up some huge spring/summer shows...so be sure to keep an eye on the calendar.

Reving it up...

Yeah...we've been doing some work. As you know our Android app is live...so download it now if you get a useful phone and not a stupid iphone. also, keep an eye cause we're looking to get some digital distribution...we'll let you know when that hits the fan. Plus, new years resolution...we'll try to keep you more updated, ya know...when we're not writing, recording, practicing, playing, traveling, promoting, or doing anything else a band has to do to stay viable. Oh, and Merry Christmas ya nerds.

Fall/Winter Update

New jamz being worked on. Get stoked. Looking to book some dates for Nov/Dec/Jan Possible weekend tour? Possible Full Length? Get stoked! - Keith

Goings on...

So it's Sept 20th, and we've got the following things on the docket: 1)First and foremost, we're at Diesel this weekend, check out the shows tab for more info, and come on out! 2)We've got new tunes on the way, and new recordings. All that should be done by the end of the month. 3)Did someone say merch? Yes, it is on the way. Stickers and shirts first, who knows what else soon to follow... 4)We've got a few videos on the way...check out our youtube channel at youtube.com/invaluablevb for updates. And as always, we are working on new shows everyday. Keep up to date on our shows, and check out our facebook at facebook.com/invaluablevb. Thanks again, we'll talk soon!