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Maggots (2014) soundtrack

24 metal/punk acts from the soundtrack for the film by Neil Meschino out soon including Don't Go Into Those Mountains by Abandone.Stream and download the compilation in any digital format free at




A university science major leads an expedition into the mountains to search for evidence of pollution from a nearby fracking site. They find all the evidence they can handle when they are attacked by a horde of overgrown, man-eating mutant maggots. Its a fight for survival as they must destroy these maggots before they can become flies and take over the world. Also directed MOLD (2012) Both films are available on IMDB.com Both official fan pages are available on Facebook.

Free ConspiracyA-Go-Go compilation

50 Years After The JFK Assassination Conspiracy.26 psychedelic/garage/punk artists with,lyrics and liner notes including The Smoking Gun by Abandone out now in any digital format.Visit Abandone on Bandcamp at https://abandone.bandcamp.com/

Connect on the new Myspace

Connect for new photos and music from Abandone.Check out the exclusive Under Her Spell from the latest album, discover other punk, rock and metal mixes or listen to Abandone radio at https://myspace.com/abandone

Halloween playlist!

Stop in to stream the perfect Halloween playlist from Abandone and similar artists at Jango.com or copy and paste http://www.jango.com/music/Abandone into your browser.A great mix of Horror Punk and Rock tunes to choose from.Party on.

More new music links

-Stop in to rate and review Abandone and more new music at Indie Music Charts http://indiecharts.com/Profile.php?butname=899619388

-Sweet Misery by Abandone topped the music charts for the months of June - Nov. at HardAxe.net Discover new Hard Rock & Heavy Metal bands at http://www.hardaxe.net/Abandone/

-Stream internet radio by artist,location or genre at IMRadio.com Check the schedule for North Carolina, Punk and Rock for Abandone plays at http://www.imradio.com/abandone&id=21861

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Abandone Radio links

The social for the anti-social. Stream Abandone internet radio from your phones and other devices.Check out these sites for Abandone and similar artists or create your own custom station.All are free to join!

Jango Airplay http://www.jango.com/music/Abandone

Myspace Radio http://www.myspace.com/abandone/radio

ReverbNation Rabbit Hole http://www.reverbnation.com/abandone

Ourstage.com http://www.ourstage.com/profile/abandone

Friends and fans stream new songs first on the 19th!

The new Forever Nevermore release comes out June 20th.You can stream it in the Abandone Nimbit Store on Myspace and Facebook or in the ReverbNation Abandone Store.Friends and fans stream it first Tuesday the 19th! www.reverbnation.com/abandone or www.nimbitmusic.com/abandone

New CD out this year.

Look for eleven new songs and artwork from the latest disc featuring Sweet Misery, Psychonaut and more posted in the Official Abandone Store soon.As the SpaceBook and MyFace sites change again and again,free streaming should be back up soon.Stay in touch.

Trash O Rama 2009 at Volume 11 in Raleigh,NC Sat.May 9th!

Huge Rock festival,car/bike show and more!Check www.trashkulture.com for more.

Michael's Acoustic Abandone w/ The BrassKnuckle Band 3/28

Come get down and dirty with us at Time Out Hut in Lexington,NC as we play an extra long set of all your favorites and then some.More at www.brassknuckleband.com.