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Ok, so more than a year later after playing and not playing and line-up changes and recording and radio shows and yikes... Where are we next? No idea. A CD in the works? Perhaps. More WPKN coming up? Absolutely!


Clearly I suck at this blog updating thing. And show updating. And everything updating. So my apologies to the people out there who have commented/become fans/etc. I haven't been on here in a good long while, keeping super busy with projects. There will be some recording of some sort at some point in the future. Really.


That would be us. Slacking on the updates. Probably slacking a bit on the shows too. Our other projects keep us all super busy. However, the Milford Irish Festival went pretty well, so look for some new tunes to go up. Hopefully a current picture as well. :) We're working on finding some entertaining places to play in the future, so give us a shout if you know of anywhere. And look for the upcoming tunes, let us know what you think!

A Blog?

Really? Blog? Quinn should really be the one writing it, he's way funnier. However, he's sometimes super inappropriate, so I guess you're all stuck with me for now. :) We had a great show at McCoy's last Friday. Thanks to all the people who helped to rescue "who the f&@$ is Alice" from Quinn's beer-addled brain. We look forward to trying that again on a more sober night. Wait, did I just imply sobriety at a gig from Quinn? Hmm...