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My wife Juli went to Heaven today

Juli was the inspiration to my song "Juli Kaye." She lost her brave battle with cancer today but God gained an angel in Heaven. Please pray for my son Nathan and me as we struggle with her loss. God Bless my fans and friends on ReverbNation.

August 16, 1977 - The Day The Music Died

The world lost a music legend at 4:30PM EST on August 16, 1977 when Elvis Presley died at his Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. He was 42 years old. Elvis' impact on modern popular music and culture will last forever. All of us musicians should take some time today to reflect on the life and legacy of The King of Rock n' Roll.

Off Road Orchestra

Recently, Melissa Fix and I wrote a song together. I plan to record it sometime in 2013. I want to share the lyrics with my ReverbNation family.

“Off Road Orchestra” Words and music by Melissa A. Fix and Shane Alan Swaim copyright 2013

Verse One Driving down the highway Strumming on my banjo I let go of the steering And off the road I go Crashing through the forest Knocking down the pines Muddling through the White Oak Swamp Music on my mind

Chorus God gave me this gift of song I sing all day long Music lifts my spirits I can't do nobody wrong

Verse Two I am thankful for my four wheel drive Splashing through the mud The catfish go a jumping When I give them gears a shove The bobcats run behind the trees When my headlights shine Soon I’m on the road again Keeping it between the lines

Repeat Chorus

Verse Three Down in my backwoods cabin I strum on my old guitar I sing at every open mic Down at Brewballs Bar My life is but a story Of which I write this song I’ll sing it to my honey And the world can sing along

Bridge We have an off road orchestra Out here in these woods My friends and family play and sing Around the neighborhood

Repeat Chorus

Fine Tuning

Hi Friends, I just want to let everyone know that I am currently practicing my music on a daily basis. Most of the time, I am playing my originals and trying to make them sound better. I still like to play the cover songs as well. I want to learn more contemporary covers in the future. I plan to increase my number of open mic sets in the near future and continue to listen to fine artists of all genres on ReverbNation daily. I continue to practice Yoga and do cardiovascular conditioning on a daily basis. All musicians must keep in shape, you know. Well, that is about all for now. Thank you, friends, for supporting my passion for music. From time to time, life ain't too bad. Musically, Shane

New Songs To Be Released Soon

Recently, I have completed three new songs which I plan to record and upload to Reverbnation soon. I have performed these songs at several live venues and the reception has been positive.

"Moonkitty" – Lyrics and music by Shane Alan Swaim copyright 2012 Verse 1: Meditating by the water, dancing in the morning sun In a circle never ending, joining hands unite as one Singing all in unison with soulful harmony Reaching for the sky with heightened sensuality Shedding inhibitions liberally and naturally With Moonkitty Bringing Peace and tranquility Verse 2 Body painting, Summer Solace, Burning Man, and tie die clothing Tantra Goddesses and Hippie Chicks suntanned bodies glowing Dancing around the burning flames late into the night In harmony with nature posing by the fire’s light Sleeping in the desert dreaming peacefully and free Is Moonkitty Her toes are painted pretty Verse 3 She’ll listen to the Rolling Stones and California Dreaming Classic Rock, Woodstock, Psychedelic healing Wynonna, Sheryl Crow, and Melissa Etheridge too The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and The Who Chillin in the breeze with her groovy family Is Moonkitty They’ll occupy the city Verse 4 Bodies dancing, honest passion, moving freely to the beat Liberating, fascinating, satisfying, sweet Tantalizing, galvanizing, Hippies are refined Gratifying love guaranteed to blow your mind Growing up artistically, now the perfect hippie Moonkitty Intellectual and witty Peace and tranquility Moonkitty

"Backwoods Cougar" – Lyrics and Music by Shane Alan Swaim copyright 2012 Backwoods Cougar won’t you come outside and play Walking through the woods, it’s gonna be a sunny day Swimming in the river, in the sun she’ll lay Backwoods Cougar got a rifle and a four wheel drive Diggin’ Bocephus and a Country Boy Can Survive Drives her truck in the swamp, rides a Harley through the countryside Backwoods Cougar gonna make some bearcat stew Got a still in the cellar where she makes a little homemade brew When the sun goes down, we’re gonna have a little rendezvous Backwoods Cougar she can climb a sweet gum tree Swinging on a rope jumping in the river wild and free Won’t you come on down and spend a little time with me Backwoods Cougar won’t you come outside and play Walking through the woods, it’s gonna be a sunny day Swimming in the river, in the sun she’ll lay Backwoods Cougar, won’t you come go my way

"I’ll Be Back in Carolina Before Dawn" – Lyrics and Music by Shane Alan Swaim copyright 2012 Verse 1: I miss those sandy beaches on that sunny Beaufort shore I’d love to search the western hills for Cherokee folklore I’d hike the Blue Ridge Parkway Shop and dine at Shatley Springs Wander through the Biltmore Mansion, it’s a Carolina thing Chorus I’m fighting back the tears in Minnesota Singing about my Carolina Home I’ll dine on barbeque and RC Cola Play my at The Flatiron all night long. Verse 2: At Charlotte Motor Speedway Earnhardt’s at his best When Rhonda Vincent comes to town You’re welcomed as her guest The Carolina Opry Makes its home at Myrtle Beach At Little Johns and Merlefest Bluegrass stars are in your reach Repeat Chorus Verse 3: Wingate and Wake Forest Shine with Southern pride In Raleigh, Boone, and Monroe You can still get chicken fried From Asheville down to Wilmington And through Catawba Falls A piece of Heaven’s waiting I hear Carolina call Repeat chorus End: I’ll be back in Carolina before long

Hurricane Sandy

To all of my fans and friends in the path of Hurricane Sandy: My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. Please be safe and evacuate your area if necessary. God Bless you all. Sincerely, Shane

Song Plays and Fans

For the past 3 days now, I have seen an increase in my song plays and new fans. I really appreciate the expanded interest in my music and songwriting. My local, national, and global ranks are moving upward and I am very pleased with that. I will definately add additional songs on my playlist as I record them. Please let me know what you want to hear. I love it when fans and friends write to me. Feel free to drop me a line or offer suggestions any time via ReverbNation, Facebook or email me at theguitarman@att.net. Also you all are welcome to call me on my cell phone (336) 681-8632.

Happy July 4th to my ReverbNation family

I would like to wish my ReverbNation fans and friends a happy and safe Independence Day. Take time to give thanks for our freedom. God Bless all of you. Sincerely, Shane


My music is a bridge linking the past, present, and future. During my shows, I perform Hank Snow songs such as "I've Been Everywhere" and "Music Making Mama From Memphis." I also perform my latest compositions such as "Downtown Gate City Blues." Classic Rock covers such as "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" and "I Only Want To Be With You" are included in most of my gigs. Music is a timeless journey and I have a passion for traditional songs. We must always remember our heritage and be aware of the history we are making today.

Dick Clark 1929-2012

Dick Clark's everlasting contributions to American entertainment have made a positive impact on our culture. We will be forever young because of his influence and optimism. From American Bandstand to the game shows he hosted to his New Year's Eve shows, his youthful vigor touched us all. He will always be America's eternal teenager. God Bless You, Mr. Clark.