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No matter if don't nobody else believes in what you do you must always believe in yourself, always support yourself, always promote yourself and your product and / or service. Not willing to settle for anything is what it's about. And also persuing what you want and your dreams. Most important NEVER BELIEVE THE ONES THAT SAY YOU CAN'T DO IT.

Spend Your Cash With Me

How is it that people want beats for free but will go pay another motherfucker for the same thing they asked you for then turn around and look at you funny. BITCH i should be lookin at you funny cause you won't spend that money with me but go spend it with a stranger, SHIT give me oz of weed for free.

Label Roster Almost Complete

Well if you been keepin up with my blog posts and actually listened to my music and read my bio then you know i've been workin on gettin my label together. The line up so far is of course me (A.L.Y.A.S.), Ray Dilla (female rapper / singer / producer), Du Dirty (get out in Feburary), P.hlash, Charlie Loc, and still recruitin lookin for a man and woman singing group a female rapper, female rap group (no more than 3), and a male singer. [ I DON'T GET DROPPED I DROP THE LABEL].


Why is it that people want to be a part of what you are doin but don't want to invest their money, don't want to help you, but got the MOTHERFUCKING NERVE to say you petty when you don't involve them. THIS A BUSINESS AND AIN'T SHIT FREE. So they can be mad all they want cause the BOTTOM LINE IS if you can spend money with A PERSON YOU DON'T KNOW you can spend money with PEOPLE YOU KNOW.

Hard Work

Its easy to talk about what you want and do nothin, but its hard to actually do what you talk about. What you put into it is what you get out of it.


No matter how many people tell you you can't do something don't listen to them. Always believe in yourself and what you do especially if you doing something you love. Some people don't want to see you become successful or mad because you doing something that they aren't or can't or want to do(EVEN FAMILY).

Why They Leave

Why is it that when you down at the bottom no one wants to support you or hates on you but when you get big the first thing comes out of people mouth is you left the hood when its actually the hood that left you.


What happened to artists doin the music they want to do not what people want them to do