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A new beginning!

Wow, I can't believe two rehearsals later I'm sitting here actually putting together a reverbnation page for my new band. This is L by the way. You may have heard of my last band The Loosies in Dallas. I'm now living in San Antonio and working on a fresh new start and I have to say, this new music project might be just what I needed. We have 7 originals already and 2 shows booked. Seems like a lot for a band that literally started last week. Oh well, it's all rock and roll, right?

First off, our drummer Josh is amazing. He writes the most catchy tunes and is right now making use of only a hi hat, snare and bass drum. I'm beyond impressed with his songwriting and playing skills.

The singer, what can I say? She's my gf. We wanted to spend more time together because my real job has sort of an off schedule. So I talked her into joining my band. It makes sense and come to find out, she has an amazing voice., way better than anything I could ever do with mine. You'll thank me for this addition, I promise.

Lastly, the name. It's paying tribute to Dallas girl band LOVIE. They got their name from Lovey Howell, (Gilligans Island). Now you get it?