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more new tunes

Well Ian and Ralph got together the other day to record some vocals for a new tune but ended up jamming an old gem and recording that instead. Everything seems like the end of the world will now feature on the new album as we really love the new version of it. Love it when inspiration strikes and we can ride that wave!

QSG gig at CJ;s

QSG played a last minute gig at cj's in east grinstead on friday to see Ralph off into his new job. We just plugged in and played whatever we felt like, had a great time and done the ole fella proud. Good luck at the mcindoe centre messiuer Raoul!

CDs to be ordered very soon

Hi all, We're busy trying to get a batch of cd's ordered and delivered before Andy heads to the states in mid June. There's already great interest in ghost song and many requests for hard copies so we've had to do a second run in order to supply our friends across the pond. All this bodes well for QSG's californian road trip which may have to be put back until next year now pending personal commitments. Still, by then there will be at least one new album to take with us and promote so all's good in the end. If all goes to plan then the next time we play gigs in the uk we will have cds to sell to anyone that likes what they hear from our live set. Top bananas! QSG xxx

moving forward fast now

Hi guys and gals, all is busy in the world of the gentlemen right now and much is being achieved in very short order! Samples of cd covers have been received and scrutinised, albums have been recorded, mixed, mastered and pawed over by various musical bods, opinions sought, audio controls tweaked and that brings us to where we are now! New album is imminent now and we're very proud of it. Just the simple matter of finishing the artwork, thinking of a proper name ( you won't believe the working title!) and then sending off the order. Hopefully soon when you come to see us play you can take a little digital version of us home to enjoy with a glass of wine or two. We have a new tune (working title Gabriel's Dad) which we hope to sneak onto the album and this is one penned by all 3 of us and comes from an original idea by Andy. I love it when we all get our heads together coz you never quite know where you'll end up! Watch this space for latest news and maybe even a freebie track to whet your appetite! QSG xxx

old gold still glitters

Chutz has been rescueing old tunes from the murky depths of his outbox and found dummy valentine and luck will turn. These two songs predate QSG but its where we came from and they still sound pretty fresh to my tired old ears! Luck will turn is available as an exclusive download to fans and dummy valentine is streaming only. Would love to hear any views on them so please have a listen.

qsg xxx

Fu Manflu!

Chutz has been struck down with Man-flu which as all us guys know is a life threatening condition and far worse than any similar female ailment! Despite this Chutz has recorded a few bits of guitar, some vocals for Jo Larcombe and been writing more new ideas for the album. QSG have also been getting quotes for professional cd duplication and cover printing in order to supply us with plenty of hard copies of our albums. Looking at doing a run of our current album " Ghost Song" to take with us to gigs, sell online through our various partners and even take to the states with us when we do our Californian tour! The new album (still to be named) will also be getting the professional packaging treatment . We are currently in the final stages of writing/recording which as you know means plenty of work left to do before its finished. Mixing, mastering, artwork, throwing a few out and adding the latest idea that we simply couldn't bear to leave out! Still, its all a process and we love every bit really. This one's gonna be special we think so worth all the hard work!!! qsg xxx

summer is over already!

My god the weather in Blightey is a bit of a swine!. Just been drowned for the 2nd day running on a motorbike. Still, spent a great evening at Ralph's place and mixed another few songs with him. Thanks to Ralph's wife, Pam, for the fantastic food which sustained us through our musical efforts. Ralph's used some, ahem, interesting samples and has a unique style of "mixing" stuff but the end result is uniquely Ralph and rather good! ALso took the dogs out for their first walk together in 6 months!. My Sam and Ralph's Murphy were very excited to see each other and had a great time despite the rain ( which somehow forced us in The Ship for a pint... More of the same musically to follow plus a few gigs etc in the pipeline as always. Watch this space. QSG xxx ps. Still have 3 more days to post a comment on our profile page, email me and get your free download of "hurdy-gurdy girls". It really is more than worth the effort!!!

More moosic

Been very busy bees of late writing and recording QSG songs plus a few other very talented artists have been at Ian's studio doing their thing too. We hopefully have the very talented "drifting embers" over to record in the next few weeks so that'll be one to watch out for. Andy is off to the States for a week or two now so Ian and Ralph are gonna get their teeth into Ralph's solo album and write yet more new material. We hope to have his album finished by the end of the week ready for mastering so that's all very exciting. Don't forget the free track off has a few more days to run too so get in there by sunday and you get a brand, spanking QSG track for the princely sum of nowt!!! QSG xxx

in the studio

Ian and Andy are spending this easter weekend in the studio laying down Andy's guitar and vocal parts for the new album. This is the 1st time Ian's recorded with Andy so it should be top fun. There's a slow roast free range belly pork in the oven to keep us going throughout the day and there may even be a swift pint at the ragged trousers should we start to flag! This new stuff is sounding great so we can't wait to get it done and then get you guys and gals to hear it. Its gonna be sent off for professional mastering once I've mixed it all and the cd covers and discs done professionally this time too so we can bring pucker copies to gigs in future. qsg xxx

april fool's day

We're playing the grey lady again on April 1st so pop along if you're out and about and want to put monday off for a little while... Ralph and Ian are getting together tonight to finalise the set and maybe even record a few vocals so top fun should be had. We like to change something every gig so thinking about taking the old tenor guitar out of retirement and playing "innocent man" which we haven't done for a while now. Watch this space for further details and maybe even a new track in progress to tickle your taste buds! qsg xxx