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Making time for my music

I love singing. It makes me happy. When I am singing, I feel young and full of energy. So why is it so hard for me to make time for my music? Between work and family commitments lately, I feel like I am sacrificing a bit of myself every time I do not make time for singing. I need to stop doing that and make time for what makes me happy, and what feels good.

Is 2015 my year?

I have been so busy this year. My album was released late 2014 so 2015 is all about promotion. Two music videos were released. I am currently working on a promo video. I need to get the word out that Maggie Leon is here to stay. I look forward to performing this summer with some of Boston's best musicians.Who knows? I may even do some touring. I am very excited about 2015!

Kicking off 2014

I released my music video for Maybe this year and it is doing great. I love that people love my song. Just finished filming my second video for the title track All About Me. It was so much fun to make, although it was a lot of work. My album will be releasing soon!

New EP Coming in 2013

I have been in the studio working hard on my new EP to be released this summer. I love working with Jared Hancock of Surefire Music Group. My music is coming to life in ways better than I had imagined. Can't wait to share it with all of you.

2012 in review

This has been a great music year for me. I competed in and won RAW Boston's title for Musician of the Year. And I made the master grammy ballot for the 55th Grammy Awards. For 2013, I look forward to doing more gigs in cities like DC, New York and Philly. I'll keep you all posted on my progress.

Party Planning

Booked a hall for my CD release party. Invites going out soon.