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Celebrity Centre Nashville, 1130 8th Ave. S., 7:30, will be performing and recording the spoken word stuff and music I have been doing lately. Come by if you are in town.


Am home again in Nashville, good to be home, great trip!!

New England

What an interesting place, small towns, small roads (off the interstates), interesting people!

Vermont, New Hampshire...

and now Ct.! what a pretty section of the country!

The Birkshires!

The Birkshires! I had no idea I was going to be here...right down the road from Stockbridge...think I will go find Alice's Resturant this afternoon!

Upstate NY

I never have played much in upstate New York before...this is very pretty, and fun, warm people, cool places!

the walkabout...

Am in Ohio, what a beautiful place, great people...Cleveland tonight, Alliance tomorrow, then Pa., and New England. You know the curiosity is about people...there are some amazing people and places in our country!

Out and About

Am in Charleston WV, on the way to Ohio, this mixing spoken word with guitar and banjo really is fun, and, it works, stop by if you get a chance!

Back out

well...the the Southgate House Revival in Newport Ky was fun, now off to Locke Have Pa, Richmond, Charlottesville, Johnson City and Charleston. This trip has started!!

Down the line

off to Wyoming, and Colorado, last night ended with icy roads, this morning the sun is shining, and roads clear!