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Earth Day St Andrews.

thanks to an appreciative crowd and sympathetic promoter. Unfortunately performance cut short due to decibel levels. University town with no music venue! WTF!

captain tom's


new material

following the success of 'three songs in a fez'. we are working on new material for 'sea shanties and briny ballads' looking for some sponsorship from the white fish authority and mcbraynes.

Happy Festive Time PA OM to one and all

PA OM to all

Fan Info

The Ancient Picts. A people inhabiting the area now known as Scotland who flourished before the Great Scottish Tsunami over 9000 years ago. they had no written language and communicated for the most part by telepathic empathy. Highly advanced in arts and science they were able to create large scale civil engineering by combining their spiritual power in communal gatherings. The great tsunami and subsequent ice ages caused a diaspora of the Ancient Picts to the farthest reaches of the globe. fragments of their culture and knowledge are now spread throughout the peoples of the world. The historical Picts of roman times and modern Scots are the localized remnants of the Ancient Picts. The Mystic Order. a friendly society in existence before any written records currently surviving. The local 'Kist' Atomic Orientale holds documents dating from the mid 16th century. some copies of earlier documents detailing the origin myths of the Ancient Picts and ritual ceremonies annually enacted. Awkward Squad. 'Kist' band of the Atomic Orientale since at least the beginning f the 17th century. The band provides music for ceremonies and social events. it's purpose is to discover the origin sound of the Ancient Picts, Shattered into a thousand tones by the diaspora shades can be found in all the musical styles of the world. Awkward Squad are continually creating music incorporating sounds in their eternal quest.

st andrews 11.10.

a run into the city for a varsity crowd. our new songs will lull them into acceptance,hopefully. no full rehearsal since before Ed Fest! Local by-law prohibits any overt MOAP regalia. Over some incident in 1760 something! The good burghers of the auld grey toun can nurture a grudge! See you there. PA OM


Al, well loved guitarist was interred this Saturday. His notes will last forever. rip. pa om.

brief history

Laying claim to the title oldest identified musical group in Scotland and celebrating their 411th birthday this year. The band known as Awkward Squad may in fact have been in existence sometime before April 3 1603 when they are first recorded as ‘the providers of musical accompaniment’ to a celebratory wake. The event, noted in a local journal, took place in Fife at a staging inn known as Balhornes Fluyt, situated close by the old high road that once snaked from the East Neuk fishing villages over the lochan studded high moor to the market town of Cupar, The occasion for this celebratory wake was the death of the English Queen Elizabeth and the departure of King James VI who was to leave Scotland to accept the English crown in London. The removal of the Court to London set in train fundamental changes in Scottish society that resonate to the present day. The band known as Awkward Squad subsequently became closely involved with a number of fledgling national movements through the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. From the earliest citing, the group have been closely associated with the fraternal society, Mystic Order of Ancient Picts, performing at Order events and hold the honorary title of Dance Band of the Atomic Orientale. Over the centuries the groups musical styles and instruments have constantly changed. The current line-up play reflections of original Pictish music as it has been absorbed and filtered through millennia of global dissipation. This year the band are on the road with “MYSTIC Commonwealth Homecoming Referendum BANDWAGON” an all new Pictish Show officially condoned by Mystic Order of Ancient Picts.

Double Bill

a let's forget St Andrews day gig at Legends Anstruther with the mellow boys of EMPORIUM. an Alter Ego Trading Company band. gig condoned by M.O.A.P. so guest robes will be in evidence. New material from the (will it ever be recorded) Weerd Comfrey project. Hope to see many. Pa Om.

tribute band for Aikmans

Awkward Squad's gig on 28th at Aikmans St Andrews has been rescheduled. U.K.'s #1 Awkward Squad tribute band will play instead. Sign of the Pentagram aka Awkward Shift play Squad hits and material rarely played by Awkward Squad themselves.