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Gary Rubuzzi's review of Lonely, Broke & Wasted/new cd by John Zito Band

Thanks Gary Rabuzzi for the awesome review of Lonely, Broke & Wasted: The John Zito Band - Lonely, Broke and Wasted - If you know me at all, you know I'm a sucker for the no-frills, stripped down, blues based rock and roll. And all the shades of that particular crayon- The Compulsions, The Sleepers, The Stones, The White Stripes, The Wallflowers, The Strange Avenues, I love it all. And you know how Izzy Stradlin's "Ju Ju Hounds" album is the best Stones album they never made? Well, Zito's "Lonely, Broke and Wasted" is the best Izzy Stradlin album Izzy never made (for maximum Izzy-osity, dig the cuts "Movin' On", and "Commit a Crime"). Zito has been a fixture on the Vegas blues rock scene for years, either solo, or as part of Count's 77, and every album he puts out tops the previous one! This particular album veers from the slide-y, back porch blues of Zito Band perennial "Rain" (guest-starring my homie, Stoney Curtis, on guitar) and "Come To Jesus", to the Texas-style boogie and growl of "The Devil Is A Busy Man". It's all wheelhouse stuff for Zito, and it's the kind of wheelhouse I wanna live in, and pay rent. Zito gets a little classic rock with the Bad Company-esque "Soulshine", puts a little dust on his boots with the Blind Joe Reynolds cover "Outside Woman Blues", and goes all epic with his cover of Alice In Chains' "Nutshell". The title track puts the stamp on the whole thing, letting you know on track number one, that this is the kind of album that Keef would make while waiting for Mick's new solo album to fail. As a bonus, the ultra-hip cover photo for the album was taken by one of the most badass chicks ever, Jacquelyn (Mrs. Stoney Curtis) Feliszak. I'm amazed sometimes, at how many immensely talented people I count among my friends, and Zito is not only one the best, he's also one of the coolest.