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Another cloudy, yet sunny? Tuesday

Cheers, GT fans... It is a balmy 40 degrees here in Portland, Maine... and I am anticipating warm summer days, as soon as we get past mud season (all you new englanders know what I'm referring to)... Our newest album, "Grace," which we plan to release summer '09, is in the works of being mixed and mastered. We've added horn and string sections, which we are really psyched about. Have no fear though, in our sophomore record, "Grace," our original sound we offered in "The Halo Sessions" is nowhere near lost. We had a great show last Friday night at The Big Easy here in Portland - it was a benefit show that featured Will Dailey from Boston, and other great local bands, including us. We were able to raise a ton of money in ticket sales for the family the benefit show was put on for, and for that, we have you fans to thank for your continuous support of our music and for loving us the way we love you. Be well, friends. Anna GT