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Studio Time

I've been disappointed with the demo tracks i've been recording. Need to spend more time getting decent vocal equalization and a congruent equalized guitar mix for better tonal separation, then redo the master. In the meantime i'll post another sample take of an original tune soon!

The Dam Band

Seven months ago there was no open mic jam at the Beach Club. I wanted one so i caught Mary Bradley in a lubricated mood and got permission to try. The first few weeks it was Jon Garner on lead and me doubling on bass and guitar, even cajon when we had no drummer. Don Crowder and Charly Sardo from Pats Bar open mic helped get started and then River Dave Galmiche came in with bass and vocals. We were off and playing!

Now, this was my first band. Ever. Yeah we had a garage band in HS and i was in a folk duo in college and even played some solo gigs in Austin bars. I was a rookie, guess i still am, but it was a steep learning curve for me to play with the PROS. I learned something new every week and the music kept getting better. I could not wait for the next Tuesday and those evenings went by all too fast.

Then in an instant my band was taken away from me because of financial necessities. All the time and energy and cost was not in vain, however. Currently the Dam Band is recording tunes and recruiting new members and girding for a resurgence. Hope to be playing again for you soon!! Thanks for the Love!

Test Track

i posted a first take of a new tune - it should lead off my new album. what do you think?