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Jonathan McEuen returning to Park City, Utah for 2010's Sundance

Sundance Film Festival 2010 welcomes:

Jonathan McEuen @ Cisero's in Park City. Premiering "The Machines Beyond Shylock". A short film produced and directed by Ksenia and Jonathan McEuen. Written by Ray Bradbury and narrated by Malcolm McDowell. Showings all day free through January 29th @ Cisero's starting Wednesday January 27th @ 4pm.

Enjoy Jonathan McEuen's music at BAR Deluxe/666 So. State/an acoustic evening starting @ 10pm. Thursday January 28th.

Rock n' Roll with Jonathan and his BAND and celebrate the release of his new album "Believe" on HwHRecords.com Friday, January 29th Cisero's, Park City/also featuring DJ Olde Toby. Starting @ 9pm.

Come celebrate a rare time in a musicians career where all things artist and media related come to a peak and are able to be shared with the music and media lovers of the world, in real time. Witness these events as they unfold for the first time ever; with allegiance to the fans of music and media who attend Park City's Sundance Film Festival.

*Check out "Scorsese Jonathan McEuen" on YouTube and enjoy the new video "Scorsese" from Jonathan's new album "Believe" on HwHRecords.com. Directed by Christopher Hanna. Produced by Gardner Cole.

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McEuen doin' New Year's Eve

McEuen doin' New Year's Eve Show at Theater 150 will include Bradbury performance piece

By Bill Locey

Friday, December 25, 2009

The son of the famous father, both masters of all things stringed and the successful continuous avoidance of the dreaded day job, Jonathan McEuen will rock the Ojai Valley with a New Year’s Eve gig at Theatre 150 — the digits a reference to neither the highway nor the admission fee, but instead to a newly refurbished venue giving the locals the opportunity to get faded within walking distance of home and hopefully without interference from all those ubiquitous swarming sheriffs. This Free will also be playing, an offshoot of foot-friendly Euphoria.

About the closest thing we have to a rock star, Jonathan is the brother of Nathan — both sons of John McEuen of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band fame. Jonathan has a new album, “Believe,’’ another in the can and an upcoming third project with his cousin, Jamie Hanna — remember Hanna-McEuen? They’re hoping the public does, in fact, remember.

It’s not surprising that Jonathan ended up as a musician. Chances are about zero that he’d end up as a Realtor or any career with a suit. He grew up with his famous father and his famous friends that included Levon Helm, Dolly Parton and Vince Gill. McEuen swears that he’s been singing since he was 2; he also just swears.

He’s played countless family gigs, survived the biker bashes in Sturgis, S.D., and played locally in a variety of incarnations, including a duo with “Fiddlin’ Phil” Salazar, with the Jonathan Raffetto Band and just about every other musician in the 805.

Now comfortably nestled in what is not yet the hotbed of local rock — Meiners Oaks — McEuen discussed the latest during a recent phoner.

What’s the story on your new album?

It’s my new pop record, “Believe.” It’s timely. It’s Christmas, right?