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EATING CROW TOUR continues !

Echo Park Farmer's Market Friday at around 3 pick up some veggies and then ...


Walter Spenser EATING CROW tour begins ! !

tonight was the first of many gigs on my

Eating Crow tour 2010 - First gig - 9/25 Rafa's Lounge, me on vocals and fretless banjo, first set i played to Rafa who later joined me on the mini conga, we took a break and and he told me some guy came in who played my kind of music, he put in a cd by a this guy named Shaun Cromwell, excellent songs, singing, and quite few tunes on open back banjo. sounded so good, to add a little humiliation to season the crow, i went on to my second set, Edna showed up, and in came a few more people, then Rafa sparked up some kind of James Bond device, and things got smooth, a girl named Alice came in with a ukelele, she joined me on a long ass jam version of pretty polly singing low and sultry, and then she played a set and holy toledo she had a huge beautiful voice ... like a little amy winehouse ... heaven So the Eating Crow tour off to a a good start, goes to show, the if prepared properly Crow can be pretty sweet.