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~Alyse~ September 4, 2015

Reposted "Sun" and "Trigger," both with all new drum parts, the older versions have been shuffled to the B-Side Collection.... Just two songs left to record and the production will be nearly complete on ~Alyse~. I would like to thank Michael Hubbard and Donald Lyles for their support and help with this album, without you two this would have never sounded as good as it is becoming. I would also like to thank Megan Wilson for her contributions with some lyrics and for being the inspiration for this album.

here we go….

So here it is… 5 years later and finally released "Apotheosis". It was a labor of love, plagued with heartache and death. Honed it down to all the heaviest tracks and remixed, remastered to produce "Electrothanasia". Also had leftovers to create "Trigger" (working title), which of all things is starting to take a very pop and adult alternative approach, with elements of jazz, trip-hop, and a little more emotion and a lot less angry. Please givr them a listen, and feel free to comment or ask questions….