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If you take vitamins here is a secrete they don't want you to know

This is taken from the book “The best and worst of Today's Vitamins, Supplements & Prescription Drugs by Julian Whitaker, MD, Phillips Publishing, Inc.

RDAs are a myth US government decided the average adult needs 40 to 60 years ago.

A study published from the University of California at Los Angeles demonstrated that people taking 400 mg or more of vitamin C per day had only half as many heart-related deaths and enjoyed an increase of eight years in the average life span. The RDA for vitamin C is only 60 mg!

In another large-scale study nurses taking 100 iu of vitamin E experienced almost a 50% reduction in heart-related deaths. The RDA fro vitamin E is 30 iu!

Labels Can Lie The RDA s do provide a service in defining the levels of nutrients we need to prevent deficiency disease but they do not reflect the modern scientific understanding of what levels promote optimal health. If optimal health is your goal your intake of these nutrients should be far higher than the RDA levels.

One thing you should not do is buy inexpensive. Off-brand supplements. Manufacturers cut corners, potency's are mostly far too low to be effective and they often contain undesirable additives.

Always look for expiration dates, though not required by law, some nutrients, like calcium, can last for years, while others like vitamins B and C are unstable yet often they are left on the shelf hoping unsuspecting customers will buy them.

Binders and Fillers can be dangerous

Some supplements contain sugar, artificial food coloring and flavoring and even such additives as shellac, coloring and other potentially hazardous chemicals! Since tablets were first created manufacturers have been adding Di-Calcium-Phosphate(DCP) as a source of calcium and phosphorous and as a binding agent to hold ingredients of the tablet together. They also use it because it is an inexpensive way of hiding odors. While DCP does bind materials together, it is incapable of breaking down completely! Undissolved tablets show up in x-rays as round, white dots channeled through the gastrointestinal tract. If the pill does not dissolve, your body will probably not absorb the nutrients and can end up with problems such as blocked blood vessels, painful joints, kidney stones, and premature aging! (Also known from another source as “bed pan bullets”) Unfortunately, there are no standards requiring disclosure of DCP, so you may be getting DCP in your products without knowing it. I require the store owner to show me what the binder is.

This might wake you up to the fact you need to be careful with supplements. And further there is the untalked about supplement you need if you eat cooked food. I'll talk of enzymes next and my favorite source.

Deadly tires..Tour without them

Had to write this somewhere how the tire industry has successfully avoided having to engrave the tires with expiration dates. Basically the rate of tire failure increases dramatically at 6+ years of age. Lucky for us each tire has a birth code. It's on the inside of the tire so you have to crawl under the car with a flashlight (unless you're a vampire then skip the flashlight) and find the last 3 numbers the first 2 digits are what week and the last number is the year. If it is older than 6 years you might think about replacing it. In England for instance, consumers already have been told this. I find this an interesting example of how corporation manipulate truths to make money at the cost of lives! Be safe all you road warriors and check dem tires! Then remember to check when you buy "new" tires....you can get the deadly tires at Sears, Wall mart and where ever tires are sold!