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Wrapping up some new tunes!

Hey all, sorry for being so quiet this past week - have a lot going on!

In short, I recently finished Starry Sky, a dark, techy trance tune with pianos, and Carl Sagan, as well as a remix of Endless Blue Sky, for a (possible?) EP release. Still waiting on another remix to be really properly done.

Am also redoing an old tune of mine in a profound way, to try slinging Drizzly's way.

Am also wrapping up work on a number of psytrance tunes. Not sure where I'll be sending THAT, but I hope to be done with at least 1 more song before I leave for Spokane on the 27th.

So, that's the VentureWord in brief.

Happy holidays, everyone! :)

Tomorrow I'm on the air!

Hey all, if you live in the general Skagit area, and are starved for some crazy electronic beats, tune into my my show on 91.7 FM at 2 PM tomorrow! Gonna throw down some house, electro, and trance, to help you get through hump day! :)

After a long silence, I'm back!

Hey guys, I know I've been slacking in the activity department here the last couple years, but, I just wanted to let you all know, I HAVE RETURNED.

And as you can see, I've added a number of new and newly revamped tunes, loads of videos, and updated almost everything here, to reflect the new sounds and styles I've been dabbling in! So stop in! Check out a tune or two! If you like what you hear, I'D like to hear from ya! :)


Hey all! After 3 years of work, and several months of intense work on building promotional tools, images, and efforts, the FIRST Dawnchaser artist album is now for sale on (nearly) all online stores! Featuring old favourites like Bella Luna, and featuring NEW collaborative works by The Ascent, and Dawnchaser & Windrider, it's a tour de force of dramatic melodies, and thundering basslines!

It comes as a multi-part set! When you buy the album, you get the 14 individual tracks of the album, PLUS a continuous mixed version of the album, great if you're out cycling and want an unbroken stream of music!

So what're you waiting for? Grab your copy now! Your summer adventures are calling for it! ;)

The first public perfornance of Ascending The Peak!

So James presented our collaborative track Ascending The peak for his electronic music composition class today. And apparently it blew everyone's minds! Everyone else had done abstract sound effect-based pieces... and nobody was expecting a pro-made hard trancer... so now The Ascent has new fans, and earned some cred in the music department of Cornish College of The Arts!

Great things are afoot... stay tuned... ;)

The Venture Crew is now online & Active

That union of outdoorsy trance DJs, producers & fans I mused over some while ago has come to life, and is growing daily! We've got over 350 members in just over a week, and there's no signs of it slowing down! If you use facebook, and wanna be involved in our project, track down THE VENTURE CREW - OUT OF THE CLUBS & INTO THE WILD! on facebook! See you there! :D



Union/ group for trance/ dance DJs who play adventurous music...

So, I've been brooding over an idea for a long while now...

I spin & produce music specially geared towards the outdoors, and outdoor adventures, and really robust, active lifestyle things. Exploration, etc.

I'd like to host my own events someday, out in the mountains (wherever I live), and make them really epic, amazing events. But to REALLY make the parties perfect, I'd need to have a solid, like-minded crew of DJs and promoters working with me who dig the same vibe, and can help strengthen the power & atmosphere of such things.

So... is anyone out there up to join on with my Venture Crew, and be part of a team of producers & DJs, which may eventually throw its own parties, and POSSIBLY have its own record label?

Anyone? Adventures? Badass vibes? Being more kickass than all the other run-of-the-mill DJs and producers out there?

Hit me up with a message/ e-mail, and tell me a bit about yourself, and let me know where I can hear your tunes/ DJ mixes... cause it's high time someone took trance OUT of the clubs & mindless, nonsensical music videos, and out where it belongs: IN NATURE!

Hey producers!

If you're not already using it, I urge you to get your asses in gear and get Tone2's Gladiator. This synth is a MONSTER. I've spent the last 4 days just building my own sounds and presets, to use in future tracks. EPIC stuff here!

Dawnchaser's Epic Spaghetti Recipe!

Wanna make something WICKED TASTY for dinner tonight? Want the satisfaction of making restaurant-quality Italian food YOURSELF? Well, here's my magic recipe for a spaghetti recipe so delicious, it had Boy Scouts buying spoonfuls of sauce from me on campouts!

Ingredients: 1 carrot 1 stalk celery olive oil (about 1 Tblsp.) 1 clove garlic, pressed (or garlic powder, added later) 1 lb. ground beef 1 15 -oz can tomato sauce 1 6-oz can tomato paste 2 Tblsp. Pampered Chef Italian Seasoning OR 1 Tblsp Schilling Italian Seasoning 1 tsp. dried basil 1 tsp. dried oregano garlic powder if not using fresh 2 big pinches nutmeg Big pinch cracked pepper or pepper flakes 3 bacon slices, cooked in microwave until crisp and then crumbled into small-ish pieces Cooked angel hair or spaghettini pasta (read the label) Freshly grated parmesan cheese Technique: Finely chop carrot and celery into small, uniform pieces. Saute them lightly in oil heated in large skillet. (If you are using fresh garlic, press it into the skillet along with the veggies.) If you don't have any veggies, you may skip this step but it does add richness and body to your spaghetti sauce. Add the gound beef in small pieces to the skillet. Brown the beef until little or no pink remains, stirring frequently. Tilt pan to drain grease with paper towels. Add the tomato sauce, tomato paste, and an empty tomato sauce can of water; stir to combine into smooth sauce. Add all spices (add powdered garlic at this point, approximately 1/4 teaspoon); stir gently. Add bacon pieces; stir gently. Simmer (that means on low-ish heat so it bubbles without boiling madly) mixture on stove for at least 10 minutes while preparing pasta. After draining noodles, place desired noodles on plate and ladle sauce on top. Sprinkle with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Recommended campsite for folks in WA!

Hey, for those of you in the state of Washington, if you want some camping with amazing mountain vistas, plenty of useful facilities, and access to some truly amazing trails, check out Colonial Creek Campground!

It's about 12 miles east of Newhalem (or a little over 70 miles west of Winthrop) on Highway 20. It crosses both sides of the highway, and is right along Ross Lake, so you can't miss it. It's generally $12 a day, and is well worthit! Happy camping!