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By: Junior Davis

Music Now: Give us a brief bio of you and/or the band? -John Kloss: Hometown: Philadelphia, PA. Songwriter, lyricist, lead Vocalist and rhythm guitar. I presently own a recording studio and Teach guitar. -Sue Kloss: I was born in New York and grew up in Virginia. I have a Degree in Vocal Performance from Temple University in Philadelphia and Teach voice for a living. I play keyboards and sing background vocals With the band. -RAY: Hometown, Russia. Lead guitar, background vocalist. I started Playing the guitar in first grade. I have a degree in music from a Conservatory in Russia and I work as a guitarist in a Russian nightclub In Philadelphia.

Music Now: Very Impressive

Music Now: What makes you and/or your band stand out from all the other? Bands/artists out there? -John: Primarily the influences of each individual band member's Sounds and our background vocals. I like to vary our instrumental Choices depending on the intended mood of the song. I like to hear Rich harmonies throughout my songs. I like to feature counter melodies By the guitar and keyboards. The sound of the band is a mix of the Varied musical influences brought together by each member's own musical Experience. -Sue: The songs themselves were written by John. His Chord progressions can be complex and his lyrics are unusually good and Could stand alone. Ray: Honestly, I never thought of us that way. I..m sure there are a Number of great sounding bands and some look all different as others Look pretty much alike. First ones do stand out before others because As I believe, it..s about being YOURSELF, but NOT what THEY want you to Be.

Music Now: How did your first song materialize? -John: I hear the song in my head like I'm tuned to a radio station of new songs. I hear all the instruments and the lyrics. -Sue: John writes the songs. I write the keyboard parts by listening to him play the song acoustically with his guitar. I use the keyboard parts as color and as a connective voice.

Music Now: What inspires you? -John: Writing songs that have meaning to people to get them through their lives, change their lives, or the world. -Sue: Orchestral music.

Music Now: Was being a musician your first choice of profession? If not, what profession would you try and pursue? - John: Yes, I always wanted to be a musician. I wouldn't try anything else. - Sue: Music is my first choice for a profession. Anything else I do is secondary. - Ray: No, it wasn..t. From all the way back in the days when I was a child, like most of us, I was dreaming of becoming a truck driver, or a pilot, a cop, a sailor, a captain of a spaceship.

Music Now: If you were not making (your current genre of) music, what other genre (folk/rap/whatever) would you be doing? - John: Only rock. - Sue: Opera. - Ray: Anything, as long as it sounds right to me and has MATTER to it.

Music Now: Why do you choose to play music instead of some other art? - John: Music is life, it transcends all boundaries. - Sue: Music has always been part of my life. - Ray: Because, if I ever had to draw a picture, I..d have to signify in Writing what it is supposed look like so others would be able to Recognize what it is LOL.

Music Now: Time for shameless plug time; any updates, new releases, our Touring dates you would like to mention? Washington's Crossing released their first CD, DREAMERS, in early 2006. This ten song work demonstrates the band's ability to create Diversity In their music. This CD can be purchased at:

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Washington's Crossing's music can be heard at POD Safe Music Network And many internet and radio stations world wide. They also created a MY SPACE sight on June 30th of this year and in their first four months Have generated 52,000 plays and 20,500 friends.

Music Now: Thanks for a great interview....