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we on the move..

808 Lava squad M.A.F.I.A. IS ON THE MOVE..bIGGER AND BETTER THINGS In the works..2016 looking good so far..

808 lava squad mafia

LSM...live from the 808...Mix tape coming Soon...also cnc mix tape vol# 2...Be on the look out for me and my nigga's

Where's the true and real hip hop music at

Man sense big and pac died, rap been slowly but shortly going down hill in my opinion....nas fell off..jay is trying to make a come back, but with kanye..just...fame and beats is what's selling...everyone else is on this skinny jean thing, and that shit is wacked like crack..just think.....if 2pac and the notorious big was still alive..have of this niggas wouldn't even have a job..the legends would be shutting the rap game down..... Whats your ?