Where did we go?

Hey LTD fans and haters (you know who you are). Lots of activity in the HELLHOUSE lately. We want to get everyone caught up on everything…… so here goes:

First off Rob has completed all of the guitar tracks for the new CD. Only took him 3-1/2 months! So..... it had better be good right?

We took a month break from recording to get ready for a show in Tulsa that ended up not happening. WHY? you ask?..... Well Rob had an accident at work and sprained both (YES BOTH) his elbows, and was down for a few weeks.

THEN........ About the time he was getting better Tony had an appendicitis emergency had immediate surgery. BOOM. That put him down for more than 2 weeks. This overlapped Rob being out of the country for the first 2 weeks of September with his freshly healed elbows.

Finally last weekend we all got together for the first time in about a month and a half to jam. Everyone is FIRED UP to get back to work. Tony is back to tracking drums and we are rejuvenated and working on our set for the Halloween show at Thunder Alley Grill & Sports lounge on October 29th with FOLLOW THE WOLVES and OUTSIDE THE SHADOWS.

It has been a long year for LTD with a lot of issues that have plagued us. The one thing about this band though - You can not hold us down for long. We will regroup and be right back in your face. Stronger than ever. And that is whats up now. We will finish recording this CD for you guys then we will put the LTD train back on the tracks full steam ahead.

Hope to see everyone at the Halloween show. The momentum is starting to roll. You are going see a lot of us in Oklahoma and the surrounding states in the coming months.

2017- THE YEAR OF LTD is coming. Get ready!

Are you still there?

Hey guys. Sorry I guess it's been awhile since we have sent everyone an update from the Hell House. It's been a crazy place for the last few months. SO.......where to start? I have begun recording the guitar tracks for the next CD. It will be a challenging Album to make. The new songs are a bit more involved in a lot of ways than the ones on Trust. Anyway, I have begun the process. I think it will probably take me a month or so to get everything perfect then I will pass it off to Tony to lay down drums, then to Jay then last but not least to Jeremy to finish them off before we put Tim to work finishing everything. We are all really excited to get this going. With all of that going on We are still working on a few new songs for the CD. We also won the "Woody Award" for best Metal band in OKC from The Oklahoma Gazette, so things are happening for us, and we thank all of you. We are returning to the stage July 16th Opening for southern metal legends CROWBAR in OKC so hit us up for discount tickets!! Robert Chatham - LEFT TO DIE


In 2015 LEFT TO DIE has had many great moments. We as band have gotten closer than ever as people and as musicians. Some of our highlights for the year include open for NOTHING MORE at the Diamond Ballroom, Playing our first out of state gig in Kansas at The Elbow Room with the mighty GULCH, sharing the stage with FEAR FACTORY at the Farmer's Market, and last but not least opening for rock legends JACKYL for our last show in 2015 at the Diamond Ballroom to a packed house! We are so very thankful for the great opportunities that we have been given. We are now about mid way through our end of the year break. We have about 8-9 songs ready to record in 2016. Some are heavy, some are rock, and some will just flat out surprise even the long term LTD fans. We start tracking in January and will be posting pics and video of the process so stay tuned. Also we have some very cool concert dates coming up in February that I know you guys will love. We are looking forward to another stellar year and hope you are ready for the next round of KILLER LTD news. Thanx for being family and fans. We will continue to deliver in 2016 and hope to see you all very soon! LTD BABY- JPW


FEAR FACTORY LIVE IN OKC!!! While we are waiting to get into the studio and start recording we are out playing a few shows and finishing the new stuff. We have plans to do a full LEFT TO DIE CD to be released summer of 2015 followed by a full summer of live shows in OKC, and out of state. The new material is different than the past for LTD. We are branching out into new areas with live samples, and different sounds that are new and exciting for us. We know the LTD family is going to love it. Coming up next for us we have the awesome pleasure of opening up for FEAR FACTORY at the Farmers Market in OKC 9-15-15! This will be a huge event with some of the very best new music coming to our state. The Members of LEFT TO DIE all have tickets for 18$ and will deliver to your area. Just text 405-308-0389 and we will get back with you and get you your tickets. We only have a few more show left in this year before we disappear into the studio to get started on the next step for LTD! We want to thank all of the LTD family for sticking with us throughout the years, and we hope to see at the Farmers Market in September!!!! thank you- Jeremy Waller


Hey guys. Rob here! We are sorry its been so long since we have updated you on whats going on with everything. It has been a difficult couple of months for us at the Hell House. Between having friends and loved ones fall ill, unexpected line up changes and what appears to be NONE STOP rain and thunder storms here in OKC and we are ready for some better times. The good news is, better times are on the way. We have the show on Sunday May 31st at the legendary Diamond Ballroom. Its gonna be a real badass show with NOTHING MORE, Wilson, Red Sun Rising, and Everybody panic. We are playing only brand new songs that we have never played for the fans before so we are really excited for everyone to here what we have been working on for the last 6 months. We are running all over town this week delivering tickets so if you want to go let us know and we will bring them right to your door. Then the next weekend June 6th we will be at the famous Rail Head in Lawton, with Oberon and Killer Strut. One of my favorite places to play and hang out. huge ice cold beers at that place. Also, we are booked to play the Long Pig cd release party at Thunder Alley on Friday June 26th. I personal am very pumped for that one. The atmosphere is going to be NUTS!!!!. Other than having a ton of shows booked I am hoping that we can finish the last 3 or 4 songs that we had started writing and maybe get started recording soon. I think we will have 12 to 14 songs total. and the next release, whenever it is done, it will be close to an hours worth of new music. I can not wait to get started! So that's about it. We miss everyone so try to come and see us at one of the shows. See you guys very soon. Rob- LEFT TO DIE


We haven't done a blog for a while so I thought I would say hey! We have about 10 really great new songs written for the next CD and they are sounding amazing. We have decided to get out of the Hell House and play some shows to get these songs even tighter for when we start tracking them later this summer. We are playing May 8th at the Conservatory in OKC! with OCTAVE JAW-GULCH & KILLER STRUT! It is an all ages show and we hope you come out and hear the new songs! After that we are working with TLP Entertainment and Big Papa here in OKC to book a few more show around OKC, LAWTON, and KANSAS very soon and we will have those dates and details for you asap. We are a very lucky band to have fans and friends like you to play for and we cant wait to hit the stage again. It has been a few months that we were locked into our creative flow but now we want to get back to the fun part which to us has always been the live stage. We will have lots of merch and copies of our CD "TRUST" from 2014 for sale so we hope to see you at the shows this summer. BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN MY FRIENDS!!!!! Thanx-Jeremy Waller/ LTD

So what the hell is going on at the moment?

Im sure everyone has been wondering, so I will fill you in. First we all have jobs that have been really busy as usual. Second the weather here in Oklahoma has been a major factor as well. They don't call it the Hell House for nothing. Its either freezing or Hot as Hell in there. All of that being said..... we continue to work on new music. We have about 10 songs for the new CD completed and we would like to write 10 more. One of the biggest challenges with it is.... it is hard to remember a new idea from one week to another. We can totally have a song down one week and then not remember it at all a week later. or sometimes we may remember the parts but for some reason the groove is off when we try to recreate it. Not to mention that alot of times we are working on two or three new ideas all at once. We can record practices and that will help, but we still have to get the songs hammered into our thick old skulls eventually. The new material we have is a lot more complicated than some of the older stuff and the songs are a little bit longer as well. we have our work cut out for us, no doubt. The second challenge we have is coming up with new riffs and ideas for songs. for me.....the ability to be creative and write original sounding guitar parts comes in waves. Sometimes I can write two or three whole songs in a day or two then, very quickly, all the cool ideas just stop coming. luckily there are 5 songwriters in the band so when i don't have anything to offer. The other guys bring in a song idea and the whole thing continues move forward. The good news is...... Spring is almost here. I have a feeling that with the improved weather and the longer days, everyone will be able to get caught up with work and LTD will once again pick up steam and rise from the winter ashes with an anger and intensity that will blow you away! stay tuned....... something awesome is coming....... Robert Chatham- LTD


OK LTD friends and family! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!. We have been out of the loop writing and recording the next LTD CD and we haven't seen you guys in a while. We have this contest going on to see which one of these 16 bands moves on to the next round of voting with a chance to play ROCKLAHOMA 2015! Please go to the link below and vote for LTD and then post LTD comments at the bottom of the voting page in the comments section! There are only a few bands from OKC in the contest! SO let them hear your voice. OKC PROUD!!! LTD BABY!!! http://m.kmod.com/articles/rocklahoma-madness-491585/rocklahoma-madness-13405582/

Standing in the calm

Ahoy! Watching the writing process is a fun ride. It is hard to comprehend how fast some songs come together, while others are built slowly over weeks or months. It is an unusual working arrangement where everyone has an equal voice. I think that most producers have a tendency to overwork concepts just so they appear to contribute. I have a tendency to back off and let it happen without trying to steer the ship. I believe the LTD boat visits some great destinations on its own without an overbearing captain trying to aim the ship towards some personal preference or fad of the day. It is a strange place to be though sometimes. I work with the band in the eye of the LTD storm where it is relatively calm. Fun and inspiring, but calm. We do not get to see it from the outside of the storm. And we should not because it would alter the work! So we end up in a place where we do not know the weight/power of the music. We only know what it means to us personally. Sometimes we do get a peek at the big picture - during a live show when half of the crowd sings along, an LTD sticker on a random car on the way to work, or when people personally thank us for the music they have stuck in their head. Having had a peek at what is coming I think we will all enjoy the storm! Thanks for listening - Tim

Where do lyrics come from?

Where do lyrics come from? Well, with LEFT TO DIE we usually start with an idea or a title. Kind of like the plot if you will. As a singer I have always been fond of different vocal rhythms that center around the drum beat. Almost adding to the rhythm. I take the beat that Tony Bucher lays down and put my vocals in there like a rhythmic duet of sorts. they work together like a puzzle, or cogs in a machine. On the new Cd we are in the process of recording we have continued to tackle song content as a voice of expression. Some lyrics are about personal demons, world views, or politics. While others are about a memory from the past, or a book I had read, or a movie i had loved. We are wanting them all to have real meaning. or a plot behind the words. Pushing the boundaries of words that some might not want to hear, but need to. Like the ugliest thing you have ever seen and yet you can not or will not look away. We are truly trying to put our souls in every note of every song. Painting a picture that we can share with you that means something special, and shows you who we really are. We draw inspiration from everything around us. the Good, the bad, and the ugly. Music has a vision, a plot, and a message that we as artist have to get out of us. Thank you for listening. You keep the music alive! JPW- LTD