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Studio Update 4-21-13

Well,we just did our "Escape the Studio" tour... it only consisted of one show, but it was an escape nonetheless. What a show it was!! Great group of bands and a hell of a show! Oh.. and we captured the audio of the entire show. So you'll be getting a couple live tracks on the new album as well.

Speaking of which, we've finished recording all of the new tracks for the album. Only have one little acoustic track left to record. Should be heading back into the studio (Telefunken Elektroakustik) in the beginning of May.

In the process of getting the artwork and photo portions of the album completed. Going to check out a few potential spots this weekend. Looking for a big CD release party sometime in July. We'll be sure to keep ya updated as things progress. See ya soon!! \m/ \m/

Sever the Drama and WCCC

What a past couple of months!! In December, we were stoked to find found out we were picked by THE ROCK 106.9 WCCC to compete in round 3 of their Homegrown competition, and WE WON!! With that, we won the opportunity to be interviewed live on the air as well having our song "Watching You" played on the air. So cool! WCCC also played the song as part of their "Hit or Diss" segment both on air and on facebook. Got to thank the the crew from WCCC as well for their help with promoting some great local bands!

After the completion of round 3, we've moved on to the final round against Big Ed and Down Monday! As of now we're in 3rd place with a couple weeks to go. Keep them votes coming in!!

A HUGE thank you is order to everyone that has been voting for and supporting Sever the Drama the past 2 months. We received 962 votes to win the 3rd round of the homegrown contest, and after just 2 weeks of the final round voting we already have close to 900!! Thanks to everyone, your support is unbelievably appreciated! If you haven't voted yet, just follow this link to WCCC's website. It takes you right to the voting page. http://www.wccc.com/page.php?page_id=158 Hope to have some more good news for ya in a couple of weeks \m/


UPDATE from the SEVER THE DRAMA camp!!

We've been busy little beavers over the past few months. We had an extremely successful show this past August opening the main stage at the Webster Theater for Nonpoint in Hartford. That was huge for us and totally awesome! Thanks to Rusty and all the folks down there at the Webster for that opportunity.

In September we ventured into some unchartered territories and added some new venues to our belt in RI and in Western MA. Also met some cool supportive people along the way...both fans and just cool people that help out and support in any way they can. Look up Rock Karma Promotions and Musicinpictures.net out of Rhode Island. Two extremely supportive groups of people that BLEED THE SCENE!! Also check out John Tru @ Tru Entertainment. Another kickass supporter of the scene from western MA.

October we decided to focus on finishing up some unfinished songs that have been kicking around for awhile. "Dr. Porkchop" is the latest and it's coming along and hope to have it ready to play live sometime on the not too distant future.

This November we'll be making our first treck up to Paul's Pub in Methuen MA on 11/5 and Ralph's Diner in Worcester on 11/18. Both firsts for us. Looking forward to meeting some new people up there! See ya'll out and about!!

~Chris (sever the drama)