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Hey guys! Casey from Suicide Pandemic here, giving an update on what's been happening and what is going to happen.

We have been recording none stop for a few week now, putting off performing in any shows for a while. The songs we have been creating are just insane and incredible stuff. Our style has now shifted to a much more extreme realm and we will be continuing it from now on. Joseph has been performing great on vocals!

All the songs are recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by me. Thanks to attending Mediatech, over time I have developed new techniques, such as layering vocals and creating vocals that sound like we are in a demonic chapel (Revive, Retain, Reduce). All in all, we have progressed far from where we started and it will only grow from here, SO KEEP IN TOUCH! We are releasing new songs almost every week!


Poo Poo Pee Pee Here is my blog Sam :)

New show coming your way April 29th!

Hey this is Casey, Just wanting to remind all you to come to Warehouse Live April 29th to get into a crazy pit with us!

The Chaos shall begin!

Hey guys, Casey here to start off the first blog! So for the few people who actually give a fuck, we are working diligently to get material out to you, the fans! While at the same time look for places to book shows! Look, if you like our music and how present ourselves (as the nerds we are) SPREAD US AROUND LIKE BUTTER!!! We would appreciate it so much, you have no idea lol.