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RN Band Rankings

Don't give rankings of any band much credibility on Reverb Nation (RN). Basically, anybody with a computer and an acoustic guitar can be listed as a band. The rankings should be based on those bands that are artists (bands that write and perform original material) not cover bands and the like. If you see a band ranked in the top 5 and a great legit artist is ranked in the teens, it is usually because the other band spent money somewhere within RN to get there. We have asked RN to separate the artists from the cover bands but have yet to see any results.

Facebook Likes

Worx was pretty late getting a FB page. Even then it wasn't really set up the right way. We can definitely maintain that we got our likes honestly, in that we didn't buy them. The joke is Worx has so many likes that it rolled over the like-o-meter!!!