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Sum people get mad cuz they ain't worth a thought, or squirt of piss 2 anyone in dey family,dey use 2B friends,or da cemeteries they dying 2 git into.. Den dey meet U. an unsuspecting by stander. U give them the benefit of da doubt & all..& all U hear is.. i can do this, i can do that.. but the only thing they can do is talk about what they can do. talk about other people. talk about their problems. TALK,TALK,TALK.. OMFNG!! like some shady promoters or venues.(Artists Feel Me) the best part by far is when dey know dey are figured out again.. kinda like a relative on drugs, that hid it well, till it got waaaayy outta hand.. yup.. then they just vanish..or try 2.. & you find your self da object of their dejection.. so ya name is in dey mouth until like da parasites they are, dey move on2da next host.. Spreading deceit,rumors,lies, even on their own mom,siblings,family,ect..ect.. & me being me,, ya know i think 2 my self..... What a Wonderful............ World...... ooooooooohhhhhh yeeeaahhhhhhhh! -Louie Armstrong {the late Great} R.I.P.!

Uneasy lies da head dat wears da crown

Hittin"em from every angle. movin up on every chart vids,clothing,web promos,itunes,and shows 2 keep ya KoN-NeK-Ted. N.e.TT.w.u.r.K

Stop Acting!

BEWARE!! Of SHEEP in Wolfs clothing! Blog entry coming soon i'm outing Anchorage Snitchez!! N.e.w.S. @ 10:00 & pics of t.h.e.m.

Heavy Rotation

Cuz i stay on my GRIND! bet Mi$ta AnT Iz Trendin on a social N.e.TT.w.u.r.K. near you! All W.u.r.K. No Play! S.O.A.C. iz a must have buy it at the store tonight @12:oo am jUsGiTdApHuCkIn Cd Beeeeoooootch!!!

All W.u.r.K. No Play

Store will be up tonight! & will hava android app for yall on ya fone! N.e.TT.w.u.r.K. wit me! A.K. Stand Up! Hot Azz summa already gettin it in!!

The Coming $torm!

Mi$ta Antagoni$T is the Hardest Rapper out/Living! BAR NONE!! ya betta ask about me!!!!