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DUB-A-REBEL Free download Album

i.rebel meets MGDK - DUB-A-REBEL Free Download Album now available @ www.dub-a-rebel.net

The Italian dub producer duo MGDK met the German singer and MC i.rebel 2010 on the Internet at the Dubark ... after a few songs and tracks were exchanged, the idea came to this album. As the musical home of the artist is the world of Dub Sound System, the DUB-A REBEL album is dedicated to militant bass culture and followed with the song/dub concept the traditions of '80s reggae production styles. The digital hard bass and drum rhythms are set against typical italian melodies by MGDK which give the instrumental and the Dubs their own, very original groove. For the first time on a complete album i.rebel is sharing on DUB-A REBEL his critical view of the world in lyrical and musical form in English again. He is supported with harmony singing by Droegenbwoys Sistren Vibes K and Irie I-Ris. When recording in Italy or Germany or in the previously played gigs by this project the unity between MGDK and i.rebel from a virtual to a real collaboration is now audible and initiates the Reggae Dub Spring 2013.

DUB-A-REBEL Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-eqCJQKHSU

My Versionist Collaborations

I uploaded my Versionist collaboration tunes with serveral producers to my soundcloud. Please feel free to listen,like and download ! Ich habe meine frühen Versionist Collaborationen mit verschiedenen Produzenten auf meine Soundcloud hochgeladen. Bitte hört und downloaded sie Euch ! http://soundcloud.com/i-rebel/sets/my-versionist-collaborations/

DROEGENBWOYS DUB/Free download Album


Family, collaboration, unity, dub music are the keywords for this project, where dub producers from France, the UK and the USA come together to dubmix the tunes of the Droegenbwoys Reggae Album “ Keine Sachbeschädigung”, showcasing various different dub styles and mix skills. The core of the Online Dub Family met since 2006 as Revolutionary Dub Gatherers Collective not only online, concerts have been played, an uncountable number of tracks have been recorded, mixed, remixed and dubbed. Droegenbwoys have always been a firm part of the collective, so naturally, when releasing their first album in 2009 the Online Dub Family was demanding the multitracks to dubmix the tunes. Droegenbwoys Dub is the result of this collaborating… Droegenbwoys give maximum thanks and respects to the online dub family ! Droegenbwoys Dub is creative commons liscenced by-nc-sa/ 3.0/ Tracklist: DUB REVOLUTION – HOLD ON (ALTERNATIVE MIX) FORWARD I MEETS DROEGENBWOYS – 4000 YEARS DUB JAH BILLAH - FREEDOM DUB LION OF JOPPA – STREETS OF BABYLON DUB THE MANOR – WISE MAN DUB RAS BRUNO – THE SPIRIT OF DUB DUBBED EL BIB MEETS DROEGENBWOYS ON JAH VIBE GNASHISM – WARN A DUBBA JAHNO DUB MASTA – RETTE MICH DUB ALBUS ARK – IT´S ENOUGH DUB GADMANDUBS – THE ANSWER IS MUSIC DIFFERENT SHAN A SHAN – REBEL RIVER DUB DUB REVOLUTION – FOGGY ROAD MIX 12 MORE INFOS http://www.droegenbwoys.bandcamp.com


New site for all dubheads: http://www.dubark.com Feel free to join,have a look and listen! Bless up