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The World Could Use More People Like You.

When I walked into the train a few weeks ago, there sat an older white male across from me.

Dirty clothes, probably hadn't shaved in a month, maybe more. You could see the dirt between his fingernails. And although the smell was unpleasant, I'd smelled worse before.

As passengers boarded the train, they had sat next to him, and it wasn't until they looked at him that they would get up and move! Some to another cart, some to another side of the cart.

I saw this happen for about 14 train stops.

As every person got back up, I could see the mans face grow sadder, and sadder.

He looked like he wanted to cry out for help, but didn't know how.

Nobody noticed, because they were all focused on what he looked like.

When it was my turn to exit the train, I went into my bag and pulled out all of the cash/change I had on me. Must've been $7 total. (I wish I had more)

His face was bowed, when I put the money into his hands.

And when he looked up, tears rushed to his eyes.

My heart broke... I felt so crushed.

On this note, I wanted to tell you all that sometimes the people that surround you are hurting inside.

They laugh, they smile, they put on this mask... And they won't show you their wounds.

Be there for somebody.. A friend, a family member, a stranger.

The world could use more people like you.

Have a great weekend guys. jS

Make a difference, leave a mark on this world!

You ever lay in your bed at night by yourself, and you just start to cry. You wonder if what you have to bring to the table can revolutionize the world. Wonder if you can create a difference... Or even make a change? (That's me right now.) A few days ago I was on my way to the studio to record a few songs for my album. I was in the car with my music engineer. Before we headed to the studio he asked if he could stop at the cemetery to visit his aunts grave (she recently passed). I said "ok." When we arrived to where she was buried, he left the car. It was about 2 in the afternoon, but the skies were so grey. Not a leaf was attached to the trees that had probably been there for hundreds of years. It was cold and the road was empty. Everywhere I looked I could see tombs and tombstones. I could see the names of the peoples tombstones that were close by. And as I read them, tears poured from my eyes. I wondered what they were like when they lived. What they once did for a living. Who they left behind... Then I started to wonder what they would be remembered for. Were they good people, were they bad? Were they heroes? Did any of them make a change? I started to think of what I'm doing now! Am I making a difference? A change? A mark in someone's life? Do I smile enough? Do I care enough? Do I show enough support to those that surround me? Do I encourage those with great visions and dreams? What am I doing to help them? What am I doing to help someone that was abused, molested, neglected, rejected? If I am not making a difference, then what the hell is taking me so long? Because I'll be damned to know that I left this world... Without making a difference in a hurting persons life. Without positively marking someone's heart. Whether they be a friend, an enemy, a family member... a stranger. Years go by, Time flies and we don't even notice how short life is. We take love, friends, family and even the very air that we breathe for granted. I want to know that when I leave this world, a part of me will live forever. Whether it be my smile, my laugh, my gestures, my story... My songs. I want to know that I made a difference in someone's life. So as I lay in my bed with tears flowing down my face, I'll hold it in my heart to wake up every day and leave a mark on this world, make a difference... make a change! •JS www.SilvestryOnline.com