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The Smears release their long awaited album Hell In High Heels

The SMEARS - HELL IN HIGH HEELS pink013 We are proud to announce the long awaited debut ‘physical’ release by The Smears. In an industry saturated with the insipid, the uninspiring and the simpering apologetic, The Smears are the realest of deals. ‘Hell in High Heels’ is the perfect introduction with nine tracks born out of the frustration of not seeing any bands that spoke for them, they’ve finally been able to stamp some of that – and more - on to record. It is what they are and where they’ve been. Maimee V (vox, guitar), Miss C (vox, bass) and C-Doll (drums) may not look like your typical punk/grunge band but they thrive on their own ideas, exist their own terms, and live or die on the do-it-yourself ethic that other bands aspire to contrive. A reaction to inaction, They make music because they have to. The Smears have honed a reputation as a vicious live act that can tear a venue apart, slam the most cynical audience in the teeth and rip their heart out. Writhing, twisting and seething from the underbelly of Punk to make it their own, completely revising opinions on what a female band should sound like. No lyrical retreads of broken hearts and crap boyfriends, but no Riot Grrl posturing either; when your career is a Feminist statement, you don’t need to bang on about it. If you operate a venue, work on a radio station or write for the media, maybe you ought to listen to it. If you actually still believe in the power of Pop and need your waning faith justified in the face of endless corporate indie wannabies, you must. Rammed with furiously catchy Pop, drenched in venomous riffs, ‘Hell In High Heels’ is available on 10” Pink Vinyl from 6th June. For further information please contact: cherry_bookings@yahoo.co.uk or call 07812081138 www.myspace.com/smearsuk