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Lyfe is just like the leaves so he goes with the flow, In the year of the scorpions he was born in Saint James hospital in Leeds to Ghanian parents Doris Mariam Okine and his prodigal father Fredrick Abeeeku Cann. His name is Francis Augustine Mensah Kojo Edu Jojo Cann, Surrounded by music at an early age Don Jojo found himself holding position as a lead tenor in his local choir. “For me its the only thing I love doing because I wasn’t really good in class but I try to find some thing I could escape to and with God, every thing is possible” he says.“I was brought up in a church but always see my self as a lost soul, as a child growing up it wasn’t very pleasant, things were very hard in those days and mama had to go thru a lot. Don Jojo later found himself back in the UK to find a way to change everything, For himself and his family. Music being the only thing he knew, he decided walk the path. He later was introduced to Djinn through a mutual friend and since then, the musical book “The Stickup kid” was being written. Since 2006, Don Jojo has been working on his E.P “The Stickup Kid” and been recording ever since. “The Stick Up Kid” What’s it all about? Don Jojo in his own words. For me this E.P is like my first kid because its means a lot to me. Its like an exhibition of art, but it came in a form of music and poetry. It talks about relationships, like “The Burning Rose” and “It’s a Shame” featuring Samita, which was a good collaboration ,she’s got great voice and it was fun working with her, I never hard the chance to thank her, but I would like to say stay blessed and thank you. If I could take u to track three on the E.P “lyfe” featuring Djinn on the vocals. It talks about what Mama, My sisters and I had to deal with when dad left. But any way we made it to this far so every thing going to be ok.Nuf love to Bandanna Wale from Ghana. A great talented musician but he need know introduction you could tell from the “All I Need” collaboration.I’d Like to take moment to thank Kensah featuring on “Tell Me” He his like family. You can see the funny side of me and how it portrays within the lyrics with hook being catchy as well. . Inspekta? That’s ma boy, he always got ma back, a very talented individual in his own right, watch that space. It was fun working with him on “The Burning Rose Remix”. Always wanted to have my own record label so I was glad with the help of Djinn Music, I came up with my first be E.P and Founded Farac-Cann-Music. Working with Djinn was great, He is like a big brother to me and I thank him for passing on some of his great music knowledge. and will like to say may we reach for success with great content and may our path be blessed wit luck.......