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Tha GHo$T a.k.a. J. HoFFa

We'll make this short and sweet. Give y'all a taste of whats soon to be the New Genre of Hip Hop...a New Era!! Known locally and to his closest friends as "PooLE" (his last name) he's becoming more and more known as Tha GHo$T a.k.a. J.HoFFa, or as you might have guessed, Jimmy Hoffa from the head of the Union back in the 60's, who was suspected of having close ties to the mafia. Poole was turned on to rap by one of his close friends brother, who mentored and showed him the ropes of hip hop and everything else that goes into making music. Obviously he took it and ran with it.....and it doesn't look like he's gonna stop or slow down anytime soon!