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Back on the bike

So our last gig was back in July after two years of morphing from classic metal to indie pop. Our aim is to get to play at the 02 in Oxford, something that eluded us with previous bands. This time around i feel that we have the songs and the experience to do something special. There's no pressure on us anymore. The core of the band has been doing it together for so long now that we just take it all in our stride. I turn 35 next week, i've been playing in bands around Oxford for nearly 20 years, most of that time has been with Si and Ben. Everytime we get back together, we say,"this time"! But how long do you persist? I guess what i'm saying is it's never too late. Do what you enjoy for as long as you enjoy it. I can't see myself without music, i don't work properly without it.