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Hey ya'll I've been busy at work preparing for these upcoming shows to give the listeners the best possible experience. I've partnered up with The Closet Monsters bass player Katie Lesseg and she's gonna throw down on some keys for me. The girl has major piano skills. It's coming along really great. My good friend Britni is also going to accompany us on her violin, and she's played since she was 5, so she's excellent. I'm hoping to record the show and post it up for you all to check out. Buuuut anyway, better get back to work.

Seeing how it pans out

Currently I'm working my ass off on new material. You know when you kind of hit that wall and it feels like you're missing a link? Yeah, that's where I'm at, at the moment. I managed to modify my "Anything At All" cover though into something that's fuller, so I'm happy with that progress. I'm hesitant to upload any of my new music at the moment though because I know the quality will be terrible and I know it won't do any of it justice. But who knows, I might just break down and do it one of these nights, but it's more likely that I'll have my violin player at the moment too. I'm preparing to do a couple of shows here pretty soon, aka needing the new material. Anyway, better get back to work.