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"You're Not Alone"

The title of our cd “You’re Not Alone” seemed to be the perfect title after releasing our “Rusted Razor” demo. It was time to take a positive turn on all that we had experienced before and after we met each other. The song “You’re Not Alone”, written by Larry, rings true for so many couples out there. It’s hard for some to imagine that another human being could love another unconditionally, even after seeing you in your bare bones. But that’s what our relationship and our marriage stands on. Getting though anything together, facing the storm hand in hand (like our album cover picture implies), and finding the sweet moments in the middle of the storm where you find yourself sitting with the love of your life making music. That’s what this cd is for us! Each song was written at our home and also recorded at home except the song, “Dinner at the Bohemian” which was literally written at The Bohemian Café in downtown Greenville. We took our time with some of the songs, and then with others they couldn’t come out fast enough. We take a humorous spin on many issues in our life. Some of the songs on this cd have been around for years, but still hold something meaningful, so we revamped them to fit our style and added the songs to the play list. There’s a book called, “The Giving Tree” that we were inspired to write a song after. A fun spirited pirate song called, “Nelson’s Folly” that Katie wrote on her bed one afternoon. Larry’s original song, “Walk Away” is also on the cd with the beautiful trumpet styles of Miss Scottie Hodge! Larry also wrote a song to follow the words to “Walk Away” with “Shoot Straight”. It’s a western cowboy shoot ‘em down song with an edgy sound. The song is about being lied to and losing trust. After a day of dealing with some drama (don’t we all have it?!) that was going on in our lives we wrote a song called, “Can’t fix stupid”. I think we laughed and chuckled so much at the lyrics it took us several hours to finally finish recording it. Follow all of that emotion with two love songs written specifically for our wedding this last November called, “Endlessly Yours” and “Point of View”, which also features Miss Scottie Hodge on trumpet.

The design and photography was done by our amazing friend Jack DelGado. We shot the photos at Greenbrier Farms. “You’re Not Alone” was also co-produced by our dear friend and cinematographer Curtis Hanvey. We couldn’t dream of a better team of creative minds!! We love to involve the community of Greenville with our art. We live in such a beautiful and incredible city we want to share it. This is why we shoot our videos and photos in a way that features Greenville, and the wonderful things it has to offer! You will also notice the blackbirds on the CD. Our wedding had a Blackbird theme. For us, they symbolize strength, commitment, and a resolve to move forward together. “Take these broken wings and learn to fly”. We feel that we have been singing the same song to each other for lifetimes. It’s only now that we are fortunate enough to share it with you, and we are ever so grateful to do so.

New Project

Hey Everyone!

We are so thankful for the new fans on our Reverbnation page! It's so great to connect with other musicians across the country.Thank you for all the encouraging messages and comments! it means so much to us!

As some of you know, we have been working with Curtis Hanvey, our cinematography guru! You can find him filming various artists around town, and now you have the chance to see his work in FETE, the online magazine. We are currently in the process of releasing another music video! This will be our third project with Curtis and we are so thrilled to have some new faces featured in our new video. This past winter we wrote a song called, "Demon". It's basically about the demons we all have in our lives. The "demons" refer bad habits and addictions.The video will be featuring actor/singer Rick Conner as our main character, and also the beautiful dancer/actress Sarah Price. We are releasing the video by early July 2012.

New things...

The last two weeks has felt like Christmas for us! What amazing and supportive friends and fans we have! It's really mind blowing at times. Larry and I look at each other sometimes and think, "What did we ever do to deserve such kindness and love??!".

We had been searching for a small couch that we could literally carry around with us as we launch our new site coming out this month and our demo idea, "Katie and Larry . . . on the couch". The idea came from months of sitting on my couch singing, playing, coming up with new ideas, and falling in love. The couch that is sitting in my living room is obviously too big and heavy to lug around with us from gig to gig. Our friend Jack Delgado encouraged us to stick with the Victorian-Vamp-Vintage theme we had already been feeling, so it went from there. The next thing we know the Conner's gave us a Victorian love seat that is perfect for our new project, and perfect for lugging around Greenville without breaking a nail (that was for Larry)!!

This project is incredibly personal and real for Larry and myself. All of the songs chosen are from a place of pain, hope, loss, gain, experience, and love. There was a moment when Larry and I were recording the original song "Rusted Razor" where I thought that maybe I was giving myself away too much. That my experience this past year needs to be somewhat covered or hidden...but that's what music is! It's my/our outlet! That why I love music and original songs so much! It gives others an opportunity to connect with you and to see inside the heart of another human being and also to take a moment to walk in someone's shoes. Even the dark places. Sharing a song lyrically like "Rusted Razor" with Larry was such a great healing experience for me. Not only because I was able to talk to him about a real experience for me, but for him to take my words and put it to music was mind blowing.

As we venture on this week with the project we have some new and exciting things happening! Our photo session with Stephen Boatright was so fun. We were able to take our theme to the next level and put it to pictures. Our dear friend Jack Delgado has created such a beautiful and eye catching logo for us. It captures who we are as a couple and as a musical team...I am still blown away by his talent to understand who we are and put it all into a design!

This weekend is full of musical fun... I hope to see some of my friends out listening and hanging out with us. Friday we will be singing at the Greenville Zoo for the charitable event, Sippin' Safari! How fun to sing next to monkeys... :-) Also this Saturday we will be singing the dinner set at The Brown Street Club and following that with an evening of rock with The Gas Holes!

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments, advice, and thoughtful emails. Your opinions and comments mean the world to both of us! Keep visiting our Reverbnation site as we constantly upload vids and songs, share information, and update our calendar.

love to you all! -Katie Rockwell


Music in Motion

This week we have been overwhelmed by the response from our LIVE music recordings we've posted! We love what we do, and to have friends and fans give us positive feedback leaves us standing, no, jumping up and down on cloud 9!

Our good friend Johnny B (as we like to call him) came to one of our gigs 2 weeks ago at Carolina Ale House and recorded our entire show! We were able to get together on Sunday and take a few of the songs and share them with you. May I just say that his wife Ramona cooked for us and I can still taste the salmon and mushrooms in my mouth! Wow! What a cook she is! We will be posting more this week from that particular gig just to see what the response is from each song. Our goal is put together a LIVE/Acoustic demo to be release by late August/early September. We are leaving the songs untouched as we want the demo to feel and be REAL. The feedback from friends, family, and fans is crucial as we want to put the best songs on the demo.

(from Katie) For years my goal has been to make a living just singing and making music! I don't care about being famous or a big star...I just want to live on what I love most! Joining with Larry has just opened another opportunity to share that love of music with someone who shares the same passions as I do! We love the same music and together give 100% of who we are to each song. Strangers can see if your fake when you are performing. It's important that I choose songs that I feel most passionate about, what I believe in, or have experienced!

(from Larry) I have played music for pretty much my entire life. I have had some remarkable musical experiences with incredible musicians. I feel amazingly blessed to be able to play music for a living. When I met Katie, there was such a strong connection and the music that poured out of us, did so naturally and with passion. Her vocal prowess and musicianship not only amaze me, but inspire me like never before. We care a lot about the music we make. Thanks to all who are sharing this with us!

Visit us here as much as you can. We will be posting new things to see and listen to frequently!

Katie & Larry ... poppin' and playing tunes on the couch