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Who is the enemy??

I notice many local artists prefer to compete and battle with each other. But for what? See, I now know that musically, we are all pawns. Trying to take each other out. Thats part of the Willie Lynch system that most people are blind to. I dont care for the number 1 reverb rap spot in my area or any area. I care for making real good music. Not snitch rap. Not murder rap. Not pussy rap either. The world is to big and so is my thought capacity. I fanned some of these cats at the top a long time ago and I guess their ego's came between us building. I dont hold grudges. I hold the truth. Dont mess with me if you are attracted to fiction.......... This is how you buss ya pen

The Royal Selection

http://www.datpiff.com/All-Star-Tee-Fee-The-Royal-Selection-mixtape.506873.html I gave a heads up on a project DLS Beats and I was working on. Well its here!!!!!!! Both of us put hours of elbow grease into making this available for the people..... Eat this up


I would like to take a moment to tell the world how fresh DLS BEATS production is! He makes music that permeates and seeps into the listener's mind and body. As a writer and recording artist, Its important to have a connection with the band, beat maker, etc. Good chemistry usually results in good work. Well, DLS and I are working on a fabulous mixtape for all people. If i could've, I would have recorded the vocals in every language so that the music would be relevant to all cultures. I guess everyone will have listen to our vibe and my voice tones to decipher the magic. "I'm The Shaman" lol

WorldStarHipHop Mixtape

In case you missed it. GMG put me in the mix. I got a song for everyone on there called "The Shaman". My boy, DLS Beats produced the track. Be on the look out for new music from both of us....... http://www.datpiff.com/Galafati-Music-Group-Worldstar-Hiphop-mixtape.442598.html

"Ya'll Aint Seen Nothing Like This"

Supa flavoristic mixtape right here! http://www.datpiff.com/profile/AllstarTeeFee A must have for all real hip hop heads. released 12/31/12

Haven't done this in while.....

I would like to give a special thanks to all my supporters and fans. 2013 will be the year that you all can expect a higher output from ya boy A.S.T.F. I am officially about to drop!!!!!!! I do this for the fans and because of the love I share with the music communities of the world and beyond. You should expect more from ya favorite M.C. We will begin to give you the videos, the shows, the albums, and the time it takes to form a unforgettable bond between u and I..... NOW......... Lets see who ready to make that change. Micheal Jackson tried singing it to u. Imma about to try and rap it to u. Come on Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Ottis Redding, Bob Marley, and M.J......... Look down upon me with favor so that I may continue our father's mission. Its a lots of $$$$$$$$$$$ to be made off of peace. Its all about whether you want it or not............. Peace is within. So use it wisely! Let my reign begin!


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Bull whip music??????

Take your clothes off and get high off this extention cord hitting your undressed flesh!!! Thats what they do. The subliminal suggestion of our music has to be self-controlled. It appears as if Hip-Hop is about to self-destruct at any minute. We were warned about what our actions would bring many years ago. Too many drugs.................. Too many guns............. Too much sex................. Now. What are you doing?????????? Who dares to go against the machine???? Can we save our selves or do we really need a savior? This slavery exists on many levels of existance. Are you a robot or a human being?

Ball and chain music???

Why support a hate agenda? Elicit sex, drugs, murder, and hate for the next man or woman? Showing ya underwear or having too tight jeans is elicit people. Some little innocent soul is watching or listening to you and unknowingly, you maybe programing that kid to become the next savage. All because you enjoy fronting. Can you take any of these things beyond the grave? Personally speaking. So personally, don't take it personal without first questioning your motives. What are your intentions?

Allstar Tee Fee
Allstar Tee Fee  (about 6 years ago)

Is there anyone out here that can spit clean? If so, I wana build with ya'll. Hip hop is polluted and somebody has to begin to reverse this vicious cycle. I don't feel the love in mainstream music so you already no what da dig wit tha underground....... No love.... If you pondering to ya self, why or how should a mc rep? Then you maybe already headed in the right direction. Get wit me. Together, we are strong. Apart or separate in clicks and crews, gangs or sets, is simply division and that is WEAK or SUBTRACTION!!!! If you got $5 today, tomorrow you have $20, thats GROWTH by MULTIPLICATION or ADDITION! When you slay someone or something without natural cause you create a ripple of hate that expands ly intothe world around you but into your genes also. Either way yoiu killing ya babies. Bad karma, luck, whatever. Musically is physically! Remember that