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Newest 3 Songs Are Coming!

Still waiting on the final mixes of the final three songs for this songwriting music project. I've saved 3 of the best for last. Just wanted to present a well-rounded resume of songs......the ones coming represent hardcore traditional country, cross-over material, and straight up Chuck Berry rock 'n roll! Hope ya'll will enjoy them!

Looks Like It's Gonna Be An Album!

This project started off as a vehicle to get some songs out there and possibly scoring "cuts." However, it's now looking like a 12 song album!!! Got a lot of songs, but in the process of narrowing them down. There will be one cover - "Take It Easy" made famous by "The Eagles". We're gonna put our slight flavor on the song as well. So I am digging for a performing/recording license for the song - I definately want to pay the creators of the song!!!

Youtube Videos

Just watching some old LA Guns Videos tonight. Man - those guys were waaaay underated!!!! I always liked them better than GNR and Crue.

The business sucks, but you got to LOVE Nashville!

Where else in the world can 5000 songs have the makings of a number 1 country song? You guessed it, Nashville. I love this place! Lived here all my life and can't imagine what it would be like without all the amazing talent scattered all in and around it! Man!!! There are soooo many great songs on here! While checking the local reverbnation out, you have to ask yourself how can so many great artists and writers go without cuts and deals? Ok, don't answer that. (I know why cause I live here.) The thing is that you do it because you enjoy it, not to "make" it! That is just part of an industry business. Making cool music with substance and has the heart to entertain is something all its own. Selling it is something else. Thanks to everyone out there chasing a dream and sharing it for the world to see. I enjoy logging on and hearing real talent!!

Hank Jr.

You tell 'em Hank! Whether a person agrees with his views or not, you got to admire the principal of speaking what is on your mind - Jr. has never had a problem with that!