New Band!

rock n roll freestyle jam session coming up... Pm or email me.


Yes, I'm doing it again.... Putting together the ultimate rock band... The ultimate meaning we all go home with $100+ in our pocket at the end of the night for a 'local' gig.. minimum... It's a bitch in a new city doing this... but i will not be denied! There are people going out to these clubs LOOKING for a good band... with a pocket of money to spend on booze and whatever else. If you want to be in a REAL rock'n'roll band,, call me...!!

new band LOVE IN VEIN

Wow, if you stop updating your RN page your 'status' drops like a lead weight!! ha So, I'm in Baltimore MD! new murder capitol of the U.S. In an AWESOME band called LOVE IN VEIN. there is a new album 'dropping' this summer. Got lots of BIG shows coming up. Vids and pics to come soon.


Yes, Rich may be packing up and heading to the EAST COAST.... back where it ALL started. L.A. has been good to me for years. But, no matter how much success you achieve, without family and true friends it somehow doesn't matter... Rock'n'Roll!

OK, new BLOG

I need to keep my BLOG current! So, I could talk about ISIS or ISIL or I could just say, 'C'MON OUT to the QUEENS Wharf in Long Beach on Sunday".


Now that I've got the facilities to create some music. I should be cranking something out. Any musicians that want to jam, or record, or even start a band. Get in touch. I just called 'JUMPIN' JACK FLASH' finished. My first serious self-mastering attempt.


This year is another chance to move forward, do good. (being a little bad, too!) Seriously, we are put on this earth to be the best person we can be and do the best that we can. In everything we do.

Merry Christmas

have a great holiday everyone.


Thanks for following me! I listen to all the artists that 'fan' me. I appreciate your work and I sincerely hope you enjoy my stuff.

Any bands or individuals that are near the Downtown Los Angeles area should get in touch. I'm looking for a full time rock band. Thanks folks.

NEW recordings

Yes, I've finally, almost, have my home studio back together. With a huge emphasis on 'home', I'm doing my best to crank out some decent music. I've had analog tape home studios in the past, which is where several of the tracks on this site were recorded.

This is a new day for me. I am very excited to have my Protools setup at home. I will be recording and releasing music here, for anyone to listen to.

Thanks for being here. I promise I'll be updating my blog and adding more new music as soon as i can.