Black Nationalism/Pan-Africanism by ABDULLAH

On Tuesday January 24, 2012 I attended Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson's lecture at the West Englewood Library on the Southside of Chicago. I was intrigued and fascinated by the brother's wisdom and knowledge of addressing the issues that confronts Black America. I left the lecture convinced that NOW is the time for me as a Black man to contribute into helping our people better ourselves and control our destiny. Without the unity that our people so desperately need, the status of Blacks in this country will continue to deteriorate and eventually lead to our destruction. The enemy is continuously working non-stop into creating methods that slowly contributes to our downfall. For example, just look at the massive incarcaration rates of our Black men. Automatically, you eliminate the possibility of establishing a strong and healthy Black family with the mother and father both present in the household. Not only that, our choice of living an unhealthy lifestyle, constant disrespect of others, and no or lack of knowledge of our history and culture continues to set back collectively as a Nation. We must come together and build for ourselves, just like every immigrant in this country has done for nearly 200 years. I'm with Malcolm X when he says his political, economic and social philosophy is Black Nationalism. But also, the thing about Malcolm (as well as Marcus Garvey) I respect the most was he identified Africa with us and the importance of cherish our culture and re-establishing our identity with the origin of our ancestors. We must instill this type of pride unto our children, and practice this aspect in creating jobs, businesses, proper schools, and agriculture among our own people. Although I am a lyricist, my music represents the plight of Black and African people and I serve my free contributing to the aid of our people by any means necessary. I support all black-owned organizations and businesses, and I will serve as an advocate into being a positive role model for our children, especially young Black men. Let's unite and bring our differences together, and treat each other as brothers and sisters, Kings and Queens because historically, we have always sat on the throne of Civilization. .

ABDULLAH  (almost 5 years ago)

Peace to all the ancestors that has paved for us to be liberated and totally free.