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Drums a poundin' in the country today!

So we are onto the next step of Volume II... the drums! Dekan heads out today to start laying down the true foundation of any excellent rock albumn. I think the drums might be the hardest part of the recording process, so many pieces working at once and all have to be perfect! Luckily our producer's weapon of choice is the drums so we are in good hands. Pretty stoked to be doing this again! Kennedy

Volume II, in the works!!

Weak Patrol started working on our second full album yesterday out at Hooge Studios! We have an ambitious goal of a 2013 summer release so stay posted. The 11 song list is bursting with flavour so feel free to prepare your pallet by checking out some vids from our recent gig at Lucky bar or savouring the deliciousness of Weak patrol Greatest hits Volume I! Updates when I have them. Kennedy

Weak Wednesday with Weak Patrol and National Tape

Weak Patrol is teaming up with National Tape to help rock the middle of the tedious week leading up to Spring Break! We will be at Lucky Bar, and for only $7 you can be there too! We have tons of tunes lined up for you, some new ones as well as the ones you all like to sing-a-long with, and we will also have some new shwag for those that wish it. Word to the wise, we only have 6 cassette tapes and 5 hats left, so if you are wanting don't get caught lacking by waiting! But an awesome time comes complete with your ticket so come out and enjoy!!

Getting Lucky in few weeks!

So July 14th we will be playing at Lucky Bar in our first bar show in almost 8 months! We are going to have some new stuff for fans and as a thanks we are going to be special pricing everything that night, kind of a fan-appreciation-type thing. We are still not sure who is going to open for us or whether we are just going to rock it solo, as it is an early show and not too late. Later, Kennedy