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January 9, 2013 (Getting Fit!)

So Today I went to the doctors and got my stitches removed! I also found out from my gyno that I am able to return to the gym! For me, I am gonna go ALL OUT. I got this new app on my ipod called "My Fitness Pal". My friend lost about 20 lbs from this little app so let's cross our fingers it does the same for me! I also did some research and figures out that I have an adrenal body type and what to and not to eat to improve my health! New Year everyone, 2013!! In other nes, I forgot to blog yesterday :( But I went to My highschool's varsity hockey team where everyone eore yellow in support for Blake Cognata! Unfortunately we lost the game, BUT there were SO many people who attended and SO much yellow worn! Welp, considering I am in the middle of transferring colleges and majors I have A LOT of research and preparing to do so until tomorrow!

-Emily Veronica 3

January 7, 2013

today one of my fellow classmates and friend Blake Cognata found out his cancer came back. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. And may God lead him home with peace and grace.

-Emily Veronica 3