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For the functional contextualist:

I love the fact that the term "evolution" has sparked as much learning, science, and creativity as it has animosity. Well, if you haven't heard yet - evolution's not done... Not by a long shot. Keep grinning, or keep grinding your teeth. Either way, put your mind to this: http://lifeasahuman.com/2011/mind-spirit/spirituality-and-religion/buddhism/evolving-your-brain/

Music on the run

I'm a big fan of headphones, mp3s (or radio) and long runs. As in life, sometimes I like it metal, sometimes beat, sometimes funk, and ever-once-in-a-while the cerebral. Now I'm gonna drop a playlist on you that may make your next run stronger, faster, and lighter. All you have to do is send me your single favorite running song. I'll compile the results, add in my flavor, and give you something you'll rock for at least 8 miles...maybe 10! Email, msg, or text me your favorite song that makes you split!

Not yesterday or tomorrow, do it now! :)

Sweet Potatoes

Great tubor, or greatest food EVER? http://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/vegetable/health-benefits-of-sweet-potatoes.html

Music-geek freaks

Ok, I'm self-admittedly a music tech geek freak. I love new tech, especially when it has to do with music and recording. Hit this new Apogee jam if you get a chance. She's flippin' awesome! http://www.apogeedigital.com/products/jam.php

Eminem and I.

Who'd a thunk? M-squared is a freak like me. You got the music. Now get your run on! Bet he runs to 8-mile too. http://www.fitsugar.com/Signs-Running-Addiction-3241563

May each one of us find our way home...


Short 'n sweet

Check out this week's post: http://www.toddhelvig.com/news.html

The day the album dies

Walking through an expiring music store this weekend made me think of the day that the albums we make die. Yes, there's a song in there (stay tuned to reverbnation.com)... However, it felt like the apocalypse; CD's strewn about, upside down, backwards, and sideways. The T-musicians were mixed in with the Cs'. The As' were with the Qs'. And I felt pain in that surreal existence of songwriting. Where the faces on the covers of new albums used to look staged as desperate and alone...now, they truly were. They looked like no one had any interest in their CD. They were right. Let me tell you something: When there are 10 copies left of your new CD release popping out of a crowd of onesies and twosies? Your album is dead, sister.

The internet took over. She was beautifully intimate in her creation. Remember the dial-up phone connection? Brrrring...dooooo...srringgggggggg? She would provide a picture download in 10 minutes, a single sentence exchange per day, and no-such-thing-as song sharing. But like the bionic man she grew faster, stronger, and more intelligent (well?) each day. All of a sudden AOL and Netscape took her to mind blowing proportions. Not done yet.

Today, you can type any song, any story, any experiential phenomenon...and there she is. She takes you to it. We rely on her. Like a finger that became the hand, she has evolved into the Cyber Age. Heaven forbid she goes down in our house. "Honey??!!??? Get down here. The Internet's down!"

So, don't look for our music in Target or Walmart. It's now hidden in singles. And don't expect that the music that moves you lands anywhere less convenient than at your fingertips. The album has died. She knows. She strangled it, bagged it, and tossed it in the sea. Better yet, she threw it about; discombobulated and alone on shelves in a lonely department store.

Word to the fan: She hasn't killed us yet.