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Visions Of Suffering EP

Just wanted to let everyone know that our EP visions of suffering has been printed, pressed, and ready for sale. It includes 5 tracks that where recorded at ark recording studios in Lincoln Park NJ http://www.facebook.com/pages/ARK-Recording-Studios/122569931108764. Artwork was done by Juan Ortiz from Of The Dead Designs located in California http://www.facebook.com/ofthedeaddesigns. If interested Our EP "Visions Of Suffering" is now available for only $5 including shipping (domestic)!! If you wish to purchase, send money via paypal to floresf55@gmail.com and include your full name and address which you want us to send it to. International orders are $7.

New updates

Hello all. We wanted to let everyone know all the new updates. First - our EP visions of suffering has been mastered and the artwork has been created. All that's left is to get them printed pressed. They will be available very soon. The first 100 copies will be signed by all of us and will cost 5$ per EP. Second - T shirts will be printed up within this month and ready for everyone. The shirt design and logo have been created though. We will have a wide variety of sizes and will be 10$ per shirt. Third - We have 2 shows coming up but more will be added. (check the calender on our page). That's pretty much everything for now, so as always stay updated with everything ashes of amber. And u can check us out on facebook, reverbnation, twitter, myspace, and a city near u.

Things for the new year

So with the new year here, we have many things on our plate. Our EP visions of suffering was finally recorded thanks to ark recording studios and is off being mastered, then off for printing and pressing. Release time will be with in the next month or two. Also T-shirt art work and band logo where done for us thanks to of the dead designs. We will have T-shirts out and ready for all of u with in the month. We also have former will killmore drummer charles Corletta filling in for us on drums until we find a set drummer. Lastly we will be moving in to factory studios where we have found our set practice space. Stay tuned in for everything ashes of amber. You can check us out on Facebook, twitter, reverbnation, myspace, and youtube.