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This is our year guys! We are so excited to be releasing our brand new single/music video Dust and Bones! Can't wait to share it with you all and get thist EP rolling. The momentum has really been picking up and we're just bursting at the seams with good energy and fresh material. Feels like something big is coming! for more regular updates, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Summer 2011

So many changes! Isobel Trigger was delighted to be nominated for 3 Vancouver island music awards this year (Female songwriter of the year, Album of the year and producer of the year). In order to play the awards ceremony, we needed to rebuild the band's rhythm section! Dave, our original bassist, had moved back to Toronto and Todd, our original drummer had decided to raise a family in Nanaimo. We had lost 3 keyboardists/backup singers to wanderlust (Jaime Hall - Australia, Holly Benson - China and Stephani Boutet - France). So Brett and I decided to re-form the band as a 4 piece, splitting the keyboard parts between us (he's got some rad guitar pedals, including an organ synth!).

We held auditions for Drummers and Bass players for a couple of months and saw many talented players. 2 stood out from the crowd: Kevin Lynch, born in California, raised on Saltspring island. He'd spent a few years in the Toronto scene and wanted nothing more than a "chance at redemption". Showed up, home-made charts in hand and he even brought his own chart stand and light! Sounds a bit nerdy, I know, but he had a way of making the parts shine. He became immersed in the music immediately and moved to the beat. His style of playing is similar to Dave's (which isn't easy to come by) but he incorporates his own flavour to the bass lines that really supports the songs. An easy choice and a stand up fella to boot!

Zane Coppard of Nanaimo BC is a bonafide drum-prodigy. At first we weren't sure what to make of him; he kind of snuck in under the radar with a bass player we were auditioning. We were playing the song "Nightmares" (not an easy song) and he nailed it the first time... except for the bridge; he slowed down the odd little fills we had written but somehow seemed to be able to jump back in without having missed anything! Brett and I just looked at each other, confused. He was so eerily connected to the beat, that he seemed to be able to warp time! When we found out that he was only 15 years old... well, we couldn't really believe what we were witnessing. Despite our best efforts, and many auditions (in which which he patiently continued to kick ass) we couldn't find anyone who began to touch his level of expertise/potential. Legal or not - he's our guy!

The new IT team is raring to go, and now, with 3 performances together (and many rehearsals to oil the machine) we are excited to begin working on our second album! We're also working on re-vamping a few of your old favourites and having some fun on YouTube!

Thanks for all the love!


New music video!

Isobel Trigger is proud to present our premier music video on behalf of Humanoid Manipulator Productions! It was such an exciting and interesting process making a video. Filmed around our home town of Victoria BC, it took 3 full days of intensive shooting in about 6 or 7 different locations to get all the footage we needed. It was really fun to dress up and get into our roles (LOL Dave's crazy cupcake eating was a highlight!). The first time on film for all of us! We can't wait to do more! Here's the official link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWGb-CI69xE Stay tuned for some new tunes and music video #2! Bam! The IT team