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Updates of these Future Days

So it has been a while since we have done this so here is a little bit of news about whats going on.

Where to start.....well on May 18th we released our first EP "The Light that Burns Beneath" at The Pyramid, thank you all who came. Then June 30th we played a a marathon of gigs that ended with us opening up for Five Alarm Funk to a sold out Pyramid. Now we are looking ahead to the future as we get set to record our full length LP "Second Paradise" that will be released in Spring of 2013.

Stay tuned for upcoming shows including our Album Fundraiser show Nov.9th @ Ozzy's and some special radio performances including a live set on UMFMs show The Scene Nov.2nd.

Anyway, to wrap things up we are so excited to share some music with all our friends, family and fans.

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After all this time

So after months of waiting we will be releasing our EP "The light that Burns Beneath" on MAy 18th.

Recorded in September and October with the help of Jarret Cole it will be our first official release.

Updates, it's been too long

Hey All,

So alot has happened since that first show in August of 2011. We have done many shows then at many different venues around town. We are preparing the release of our first EP entitled The Light that Burns Beneath.

So watch out for that, rlease date is to be announce....... sometime in July. until then you may just have to come check us out for a live show or stay tuned in May as we will be appearing on the UMFM radio show Turkish Delight, more details to follow.

But until then keep on listening and never stop searching for that perfect note.

-Electric Soul

First Gig jitters a thing of the Past

Hello everyone, thanks to all that came out for the show at Ozzy's. And with that electric soul is off and running. Plans for the Horizon. Well we are recording very soon, possibly release the recordings as well as playing more shows. Anyway, a little update for you all. -Electric Soul

Jam posted!!

We where just having some fun and we like the laid back feel of this so we decided to put this up. This is our version of Billy Cobhams "Red Baron" Enjoy -Electric Soul

Getting Started

Welcome all. So this Electric Soul. We will be posting songs shortly, within a months time we hope to have 3 songs up for your listening pleasure and look forward to what you have to say about this project. we will keep you all updated on upcoming events, songs etc.... perhaps an album/EP but for now we gotta focus on the music. So until next time -Electric Soul