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Glass Archival Release Now Available

Hey Everyone! To celebrate the 60th Birthday of Glass drummer Jerry Cook, I have finally released just yesterday the long-awaited Glass archival album "Out Of Time - The Wayne Barker Session - 1971 RE-MASTERED"! Available exclusively for Download, this album was the "Official" starting point for Glass recordings. Our first real studio experience, this album was our first Demo that we took to Los Angeles back in 1971. It bristles with energy and creativity and shows the more jazz-influenced side of what we were doing at the time. It's the perfect bit of nostalgia to enjoy while we put the finishing touches on our upcoming new album for you. Here's 40-PLUS minutes of pure energy and teenage angst-driven verve that is a MUST for all Glass Music Completists.

The New Glass Album

A new, as yet untitled album by progressive rock band Glass has just been recorded in the bands old hometown of Port Townsend, Washington. Produced by band bassist/guitarist/keyboardist Jeff Sherman this new album continues the bands songwriting growth and holds yet more surprises for Glass fans. Jeff’s basic vision for this album was a Zen approach -having the band return to The Arcadia recording space they first recorded in in 1973 and record all new material never shown to fellow band members and assembled on the spot . This was then recorded by longtime band Engineer/photographer Erik Poulsen live to two-track tape. One overdub pass was allowed however most of the recorded material is totally live and thus is imbued with a live feel and extended improvisation not usually found on the bands more constructed studio efforts. The vision included the use of only vintage analog instruments. They gave themselves five days to record the entire album and in fact tracked the entire album in four of those days. There’s lots of jazz explorations and electronic experimentation (especially on the new material brought to the band by drummer Jerry Cook). And everything of course is touched by Glass haunting melodies and complex time signatures. All three band members contributed material to the album. An added Bonus for this album was also the tracking of several songs by Greg Sherman on the 1889 Whalley Genung pipe organ at the local Port Townsend Presbyterian Church. Through the gracious generosity of Pastor Bob Slater, Greg was allowed to record this magnificent organ for an entire evening and those tracks will be on this album as well.

Glass  (over 5 years ago)

UPDATE: The new Glass album will be called "Palindrom" after the place it was recorded in. The Palindrome used to be called "The Arcadia Barn" back in 1972 and '75 when we first recorded there as young men. Though the space has been modified, updated and improved, the creative spirit that drove Glass to create here all those years ago is still alive here. And we are very pleased with the results of our latest efforts. The album due out this year, is currently in post-production. Stay tuned for further updates. .