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Copyright Enforcement Group - New 'Duck Tales Remastered' Video Game Announced

Capcom of America and Disney have announced that later this year 'Duck Tales Remastered' will be released to home consoles worldwide. 'Duck Tales,' based on the iconic 1980's animated series, is widely regarded as one of the best video games of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES.) While many classic games go through periodic rises in popularity due to nostalgia "Duck Tales' has always been well-regarded and its re-release has been demanded by fans for years. Although a sequel and Gameboy version was produced there hasn't been a new 'Duck Tales' game in decades since the show was cancelled twenty years ago. As a result pirated versions of the game have become extremely popular online while original copies of 'Duck Tales' have increasingly rare and valuable.

Giving into public demand Capcom and Disney agreed to work together on the first new 'Duck Tales' game in decades as a way to renew interest in the brand and to combat piracy that has happened as a result of the game's inaccessibility to fans. Video games have historically had a younger and incredibly vocal fan base, and much more so than movies or television game producers often ask their fans for feedback on new products. 'Duck Tales Remastered' promises to be a faithful remake of the original game while also addressing shortcomings by adding new story scenes and levels. The audio and video components aim to remain faithful to the original by using hand-drawn animation for the characters and getting the authentic voice actors to reprise their famous roles. Despite the dated nature of the property this game has created a frenzy of excitement, and original copies of the NES version have quadrupled in value at online auction sites like eBay. It is possible that strong sales of 'Duck Tales Remastered' could lead to other remakes of Capcom-Disney games, including 'Tale Spin' and 'Darkwing Duck,' which are also frequently pirated and completely unavailable on modern video game consoles.

In the world of online piracy there is a growing demand for images and data of all kinds. Any content owner with registered trademarks is at risk of losing income to copyright infringements online. Thankfully some are working on technological solutions and allowing protection for those in the business world who have never had it before. Copyright Enforcement Group(CEG-TEK INTL) is one of those businesses, and their tracking software creates business intelligence about how many people are downloading files illegally and who they are.

Copyright Enforcement Group works in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), allowing for the supervision and tracking of online file exchanges. CEG will track these and work towards the monetization of lost income due to piracy, often resulting in takedown notices to remove the infringing files from online servers. These can be files as large as a feature film, or as simple as a logo. It is the simple act of sharing these files that can result is an enormous loss of revenue unless businesses take action quickly.

Copyright Enforcement Group

The Center for Copyright Enforcement Group, a Hollywood-funded anti-piracy group, has begun to implement what they are referring to as the 'Copyright Alert System' via internet providers across the United States. The system, being implemented by major internet providers such as AT&T, Cablevision, Time Warner and Verizon, will send warnings to users suspected of pirating content before ultimately limiting their internet bandwidth entirely.

Copyright Enforcement Group

Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG-TEK INTL.) is one such company offering comprehensive solutions to the problems faced by online piracy. CEG logs infringements into an extensive database where they are logged and registered. From there CEG TEK issues takedown notices and in some cases legal action. This is all done with the goal of recovery of lost income and monetization of internet traffic. Presently, businesses dealing with intellectual property have forward thinking when it comes to copyright enforcement.