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Woodys Gig

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the gig last night. Hope you had a blast. See ya soon

Hard Time

Hey everyone I want to thanks all the news fans for signing up on my page. I'm going through a divorce and I haven't written in a while. Can seem to get myself to pick up the guitar lately. But I heard a song by Charlie Bonnet III called "Figure Out You". I have to say that song explains just how I had been feeling. But things seem to be turning around and I hope to get back on the horse and write again. Please stay tune and God Bless You all.

Busy But Thankful

I still want to thank the new fans that have signed up to my page. I'm still going through some personal stuff and once it all get settled. I'll be back to writing new songs and posting them up. I'm glad that so many of you like my music. To the new fans I will be checking out your pages soon. Scott


Hey everyone thanks for checking out my music. I going through a little rough patch right now in my life and I hope to get back into writing and recording some more new music, Please be patient with me. Thanks Scott

New Song

Hey everyone I just up loaded and new song with my friend Janifer ( who is a fan ) singing vocals She wrote the lyrics too. So please check her out on reverbernation as will.

Top Ten

Thanks you to everyone who have liked my song and help me make it to the top ten. Stay tune I'm planning on loading a new song soon. It'll be another rought cut but I'll think you guys will like it,

50 Fans

I would like to thank everyone who became a fan. I am really honored that so many of you like the song. Thank you so much. If I haven't fanned you back I will. Please just give me time Thanks again so much...... Scott


I starting to write again hopefully I will be posting us the songs soon